Saturday, May 14, 2005

Interesting Photographs of Naked SubGirl

These kids these days.

This Alert came from UNCLE DR. ONAN CANOBITE

The redheaded young lady's inner left forearm sports a fine quality Dobbshead tat. Princess Wei says her hair looks like a rasta-braided Raggedy Ann's.

... Dobbs visible especially in ...

Sez Onan: "What a strange world this is."


"Make sure to say your SubGenius laffermations every day."

-- Onan


Anonymous said...

I sent an email to you, I think. My name's Phil, and if your fine site might go offline before I get a chance to get -involved- with the salvaging of the human race (for spare parts, hopefully) I would be pretty dissapointed. I can probably afford to buy somethingorother, but as I know almost nothing about Bob or his great work, I don't know what to get. This is your chance to tell me what to buy from you. Not many people get that opportunity...

Popess Lilith said...

Did you notice what's written on her jacket?