Tuesday, February 21, 2006

"Bob's" Most Dutiful Servants in Desperate Straits -- You Can Help


A few years ago, the Bevilacqua family (Rev. Magdalen & Jesus) literally kept The SubGenius Foundation from folding up and vanishing. I had been trying to keep the little business together practically on my own, but it had become a gigantic drain on me personally and financially. Jesus saw potential in it, though, and convinced me not to give up -- BY MOVING TO DALLAS TO HELP FULL TIME. (To this day, Jesus and Magdalen remain the only other SubGeniuses besides myself to LITERALLY repent, quit their jobs and "slack off" in this manner.) By 1998, when Jesus and Magdalen married, the Foundation income had tripled, and not only did we have salaries, but we were able to hire more part time help (Rev. Nickie Deathchick in addition to Will O'Dobbs).

The existing custody case over Magdalen's son, however, created huge legal bills that eventually required Jesus to take a higher-paying job for The Conspiracy. At that point, it was Rev. Magdalen who stepped in and kept the practical, day-to-day, unglamorous aspects of the little biz going. She was doing it basically without pay, too.

When Jesus' job suddenly took the whole family to Austin, Texas and then to Colombus, Georgia, it became obvious that The SubGenius Foundation's Sacred P.O. Box and mail order biz could not continue to jump from city to city, so I took over the whole shebang again. Thanks to the countless ways in which Jesus and Magdalen had streamlined the business, it's become vastly less time-consuming, taking me maybe an hour a day.

Were it not for this family, there'd be no SubSITE any more, HOUR OF SLACK would have ended, I wouldn't be working on a new book and REV-X reprint, etc. etc.



For Magdalen and Jesus, a parent's NEXT-TO-WORST NIGHTMARE is taking place in real life, and one reason this injustice is happening is due to, not the Church of the SubGenius, but dumbass misunderstandings of it (and probably pretty much everything else Slackful). Also, if you ask me, on a monstrous misunderstanding of what "freedom" in America is supposed to mean.

I raised two children. I cannot imagine how this must feel. I HAVE had to TRY to imagine it, but, praise Dobbs, that's all I've had to do. I speak to Magdalen on the phone fairly often and she's holding up, amazingly. She's fighting instead of sinking into despair, which, believe me, would be VERY tempting.

This is our chance as a bunch of weirdos to pay back a family of weirdos who have, for YEARS, done the DIRTIEST JOB OF THE CHURCH -- being the interface between it and the Con, on a daily basis.

SubGenius Foundation mail order is doing fine this month. We got several new subscribers to Hour of Slack and a big donation from one of the best guitar players in the world. I got a new book contract and the check is in the mail. So DON'T BUY ANY SUBGENIUS SHIT THIS MONTH! Send your checks or Paypal funds to Magdalen instead, and next time you download an Hour of Slack or SubVid for free, or browse through the Art Mines (which I WILL update, I SWEAR!!), consider it bought with a Love Offering.

That's what this is. A Love Offering. MAGS NEEDS $LACK.

More than that, most important of all, eclipsing any other bullshit I could possibly say, CONBO* NEEDS HIS MOM.

THE STORY and donations links, info:


* Think "MarJoe"


Anonymous said...

Its no fun at all when the Xists and Pinkboys conspire like that.

I hope it all turns well. Good luck.

Large Mammal Band said...

freekin pinx, espousing 'religious freedumb' when wut they mean iz az long az itz their own divine they define. is know one else tired of these pus stains wiping their spotty bottoms with our Constitution? now they've stolen a child from a loving family? how much more! Oh giveth me my daily SLACK! peace 2 ya'll and don't give up da fight

Rev. Samson Firestarter said...

I give unto"BOB" as He has shown me the Enlightened Way to Slack.Family of "BOB" unite!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Will do. Have you ever thought of moving to a free country?

Anonymous said...

fight the good fight, and dont be afraid to kick em' in the balls...

i dont have much, but i will send what i can, even though it's useless cons...piracy paper, i know the pinks like that shit, and will render goods and services for it.

as a father of 4, this story really pisses me off.

praise bob, and pass the ammunition.

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