Saturday, August 18, 2007


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To make a long story short, a panel of New York judges unanimously decided to give full custody of Rev. Magdalen's child to the biological dad. We got this news on July 6, right in the middle of the 10X-Day Drill celebrations -- an unimaginably sobering moment. I don't think any of us had realized that "The Conspiracy" could be THAT REAL. (As heard on Hour of Slack #1112.)

HOWEVER -- by the time we got to Starwood, two weeks later, the entire situation had practically reversed, and it now looks like Magdalen and her child will be together after all! And, to boot, her husband Steve "Jesus" Bevilacqua is being transferred by his employer from England back to Georgia, so the whole family is together again!

The reason this happened is because that panel of judges learned something they hadn't been told by the bio-father and his lawyer… that three weeks BEFORE the judges' snap decision, the bio-dad had managed to -- on a school day -- drive his car into a wall, injure somebody, flee the scene of the accident, and then get caught, and charged with, among other things, his third drunk driving offense. Altogether the lad is charged with multiple felonies and could spend up to 7 years in federal prison. (But he probably won't.)

A lot of other stuff about the bio-dad came out that we shan't repeat here prematurely. There are many more details however on Rev. Modemac's excellent wikipedia site, which has closely followed this case and provides links to court documents:

The really bad news is that the Bevilacqua's legal bill is around $140,000. Yes, that is the latest figure. The bio-dad's lawyers (provided free of charge by the state since he's on the dole due to "chronic fatigue syndrome") deliberately prolonged and delayed this whole ordeal just to "GET" the Bevilacquas and run up legal bills so high that they'll basically spend the rest of their lives paying. That was the cost of getting the child out of... a bad situation, let's say. And, the funny thing is, Magdalen STILL is legally bound never to have copies of SubGenius materials in her house.

Needless to say, the dust hasn't completely settled yet. The Bevilacqua's lawyers have been working for cut rates, and have given her plenty of time to pay off, but all relatives are tapped out financially now, so we, her fellow SubGeniuses, are asking each other to DONATE WHAT YOU CAN to help see that justice is done.

One way you can contribute funds to the SubGenius child custody case fund is via this PayPal link:

PayPal donations can still be sent to

If you'd rather use a credit card, the nifty button below takes you to the page for the Rev. Magdalen Legal Fund, where you can use a credit card OR PayPal to donate. The button shows what's been donated so far via

Click here to lend your support to: Reverend Magdalen Legal Fund and make a donation at !

Checks or other payments can be mailed to the attention of:
Rachel Bevilacqua
c/o Christopher S. Mattingly
Lipsitz Green LLP
42 Delaware Avenue
Suite 300
Buffalo, New York 14202-3857

Friends, we rarely come begging. Normally we come selling. Thanks to a Slackulous X-Day (and also a hell of a Starwood!) we'll have plenty to sell… once we finally unpack. But for now, all we want to sell you on is the GREAT FEELING IN YOUR GUT that you'll get if you donate whatever you can spare to help make life bearable for this family that has suffered such suspense and agony JUST BECAUSE THEY CALLED THE CHURCH OF THE SUBGENIUS THEIR RELIGION! (Ironically, as SubGenii go they never were all that religious, believe me! Like my kids, their boy might have believed in Santa Claus, but he was definitely NOT expecting at any point to meet "Bob.")

Dig down deep in those pockets, scrounge to the bottom of that purse, and whip out what you can for the CAUSE! -- or, well, for the Bevilacquas, anyway. They are a very nice family -- and a few years ago they forced The SubGenius Foundation to survive as a business when I was about to give up -- but right now they need as much help as they can possibly get.

TEN BUCKS isn't too little! TEN THOUSAND would not be too much! If ever there was a time to spread around any excess Slack you might happen to have, this is it.

When life gives you Dobbsheads, make Dobbshead-Aid. There are some SubGenius shows and fund-raisers coming up -- Cleveland, Baltimore, Amsterdam, Detroit -- and those are all listed at on the events page. We'll soon have some detailed illustrated reports on 10-X-Day and Starwood. I'm frantically editing video and audio from both of those for a multitude of projects. I've been putting bits and pieces on Google Video, and others have been putting their X-Day home movies on YouTube, as linked below:

UFO Sighting at 2006 SubGenius X-Day Drill

Just as Rev. Susie the Floozie was loudly bemoaning the lack of any flying saucers at 9X-Day, a UFO flew across the sky in the background of my home movie. This was not noticed until almost one year later, when I finally examined the video footage. The UFO itself does not appear until 1 minute 13 seconds in, after some fanciful banter about messages from J.R. "Bob" Dobbs (or the aliens) spelled out in clouds -- but the UFO segment is replayed twice in slow motion afterwards.

The Amino Acids at 10X-Day SubGenius End of the World Drill

What better band to usher out all human reality than The Amino Acids? This merry band of alien stooges serenaded the SubGenii with their blistering instrumentals and delicate pantomime. Note the brief appearance of Slack guru J.R. "Bob" Dobbs. See for more.

AUDIO recording of SubGenius 10X-Day - Awaiting the Saucers at 7 am, July 5

39 minutes, MP3 (36.2 MB)
From a lapel mic attached to Rev. Stang


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Click here to lend your support to: Reverend Magdalen Legal Fund and make a donation at !