Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Slackermansion Halloweie'en Photos

We had high Hallowed-Weenie traffic at The Slackermansion, and ran out of candy early, despite having bought twice as much as last year -- an excuse for us to go out trick-or-treating, ourselves. The Giant Head Dobbs doled out the goods, Princess Wei sweet-talked the kids into posing with "Bob" for photos, and iDRMRSR impressed the moms and dads by claiming to be a U.N. observer. Pics are up:

This collection includes some new SubG Halloween art (by newcomers) that was emailed in over the weekend before Halloween, also pics from ACE party with Wei as the female Amina Acid, and Pater Nostril as Tor Johnson (original mask by St. Joe Riley).

Plus, a rare shot of a Cyclops Skull Root found growing at the local graveyard.

The photos (and many more) are all posted to alt.binaries.slack as well.

Alt.binaries.MULTIMEDIA.slack has yet another dozen MP3s of whole hour-plus shows by Rev. Susie the Floozy. We are uploading "Bob's" Slacktime Funhouse Shows at the rate of 11 or 12 per day. Also uploading over a 3-day period is Rev. Circlemaker's bizarre EuroX-Day 2002 documentary (in high quality mpeg-2).

Now that the weddings and Holy Days are over for a little while, this Scribe will be tearing into the Maybe Logic Academy Online Course in the Secret History of the SubGenius Church and How to Run Your Own Mind Control Cult (Nov. 20 -- Jan. something) -- see
for the complete curriculum.

This course will essentially be a whole new illustrated SubGenius book in PDF plus a lot of personal forum and chat activity, and umpteen hours of downloadables -- MP3s and videos of primal moments in real-life Church history (ADULTS ONLY!).

So I must get cracking! Cracking, scanning, sorting and, hopefully, remembering.