Thursday, October 13, 2011

Reminder for Clevelandians: "Devival" This Weekend, Oct. 15

I will be ranting at THE NE OHIO WITCHES BALL/"CON ON THE COB", 7 p.m., Saturday, October 15, 2011

Clarion Hudson at 240 East Hines Hill Road Hudson, OH 44236

Also See This More Dobbscentric NEO Witches Ball Website

From what I can tell this is sort of like two different events crammed together -- a 4-day geek/comics/crafts/sf con and a 1-night somewhat "neopagan-y" Halloween party (The Witches Ball, I assume based roughly on the older one in Columbus). Wei and I are planning to spend Saturday there because some of the "con" (not Con) stuff sounds fun and involves monsters, and we'll probably hang out after my rant, for bands and also guest parties where they'll probably give us free drinks.

I don't know for sure that a single ordained SubGenius will be there, and the only organizer I've met is the magician Michael Mirth, who performed at Starwood -- STAGE magic, not that other kind that's COMPLETELY fake.

For me this is good because it means I'm not "preaching to the choir," but doing "SubGenius 101," which I can probably do while asleep. And it's much more fun to preach at strangers than at SubGeniuses, because the strangers are always much more polite and don't preach back at the tops of their lungs. But, they are paying me, so as always under that condition, I will give it my all. (Meaning I won't touch any inebriant all day.) Before and after, Wei and I can ogle nerd girls in dorky costumes, artwork, vendor crap we can't afford, and miniatures. There's even a special effects make-up workshop. And something called "DEVO SPICE" -- I dunno if that's a band or what, but it just before the "devival" so I guess I'll find out.

The only thing I'm not looking forward to is hauling swag in for what will probably not be many sales. But every single penny counts. Who knows, we might even save a soul or two. And you never know when somebody will turn up who is SO drunk that they want to buy one of EVERYTHING.