Sunday, June 24, 2007


A new tunnel has been excavated in the ART MINES:


This is the first major excavation since June, 2006. Therefore this stash contains ONE YEAR'S WORTH of Slackwork by dozens of artists and arteests… probably around 1500 to 2000 pieces. AND THIS IS JUST THE GOOD STUFF! We didn't include EVERYTHING in this stash, just our faves.

There are actually 3 new tunnels… there was too much for one. Tunnel 1 contains work by the four most prolific: IMBJR, LeMur, Heart Ignition and Bat Mummy. There's also a "MISCELLANEOUS" page with dozens of pieces by folks who only did the one piece that year. NOTE: there is a special "XXX-IMBJR" section that REALLY IS "adults only." And squeamish adults may want to think twice before venturing into IMBJR's "special room"!

Tunnel 2 contains numerous tributaries by Reverends Artemia Salina, ErRoR, iDRMRSR, Zontar, some raunchy 3d ones by BO-nanana (use your old set of blue-red 3D glasses for these!), Ennui Malaise, generic spam harvester bait, Heathen, Legume, Lord Of Eltingville, Neuromanson, Norel Pref, Razna, Unclaimed Mysteries, and some GIF-mations by Walter Cosmac.

There are even some leftover photos from 9X-Day in a special 9X section, pics that didn't get to us in time to be used in the 9X Photonovella.

P.S. I did this instead of editing the 9X-Day videos. I am STILL gonna try to do that too before XX-Day.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

X-Day - SubG Condoms - News of Magdalen - Signs of Witness - Links


And we are ready! The Annual SubGenius Migration to our breeding grounds in the wilds of rural western New York State has begun.

If you haven't heard about Brushwood and would like to await the saucers with a hundred or two of your fellow SubGenii (and some great bands!), see the fully expanded X-Day intro and registration pages on SubSITE.

Or see Modemac's X-Day Pages

You don't have to be at Brushwood to be Ruptured, but it might be more fun if you have the SNAZZY NEW ACCOUTREMENTS that have been added to the Special X-Day Page of the SubGenius CafePress Store!

We went crazy adding 10X-Day pre-memorabilia and souvenirs to our OTHER online shop. Now, YOU can go crazy WITH them! Huge range of swag from badges and stickers to shirts and shotguns. CafePress now has several nice shirts that come in up to a dozen different colors, and there are now shirts for "Plus Size Women." If you haven't looked at the store in awhile, you may be surprised at the variety of women's clothes offered now.

We will not necessarily have all this stuff at the Sacred Sales Shack at Brushwood. We'll probably bring ONE of everything new and it'll be first come, first serve. At an X-Day Drill that could have a double meaning. We suggest buying NOW NOW NOW -- in fact this is true of ALL SubGenius products in BOTH online catalogs, because:


VIEW OR DOWNLOAD THE COMPLETE SCHEDULE BROCHURE IN PDF FORMAT! (360 kb) Page 1 is last in this layout, as this version was prepared for printing to 11x17 paper, to be folded. The brochure also includes Rev. Joe Cosby's short story "BRACE YOURSELVES."

For FREE DVDs of documentaries covering past X-Days, learn how to download Usenet binaries and look at alt.binaries.multimedia.slack! The unfree versions (including the revised, spectacular 1998 one) are in our Scatalog.

You can also find all manner of X-Day related videos on YouTube and Google Video


New SubGenius Health Product: "Bob" Condoms!

Don't leave Earth without 'em!
SUBGENIUS CONDOMS! For real! Includes both Dobbsheaded and Connie-doms!

Also, condom designs by Rev. Winston Smith, Coop, Peter Bagge!



Rev. Magdalen on her child custody case:

"Well, we all waited expectantly for the decision to come out on June 8, but the court decided to "hold it over to the next term", which means they'll be releasing it, supposedly, the Friday two weeks after June 20, which puts it squarely at July 6. They did not inform us ahead of time they were doing this, and in fact it's not really legal, as the law says they have to decide in 30 days. But this does happen from time to time, my lawyer says, and there's nothing we can do. Oh yeah and they might decide NOT to hold it over to the next term but instead release their decision at a random time between now and July 6. So it's like they're saying, have fun checking the website every day to see if maybe today is that random day that probably won't even happen! It's really awful.

"I've asked if I can get my son for a six-week summer visitation, like other non-custodial parents get, starting after his school year ends next Friday, but I haven't heard back yet."

So Magdalen continues to be "on hold," waiting for the slow grinding wheels of Justice to reach some kind of decision.

I can't even IMAGINE what this must be like. I'm a parent, and in the 90s I worried LIGHTLY that such a thing might happen to my family. It didn't, and now my kids are grown, so it can't. (In fact my daughter is getting married in about a week!) I suppose I can imagine WORSE things... but... this insanity has been going on for almost TWO YEARS now.

This is the kind of thing that makes me think almost ANYTHING is better than a COURT CASE. Once your life is in the hands of lawyers and judges, YOU ARE SCREWED whether you win or lose. Same with doctors and hospitals. When it gets so bad that you're dependent on THEM -- that's REALLY REALLY *REALLY* BAD.

The JUDGES shall be at The Judgment. The JUDGMENTAL shall be at The Judgment. The Conclusion-Jumper shall be at The Judgment.

I wish The Judgment would hurry up and happen, and get it over with.




SIGNS OF WITNESS is Rev. John Shirley's ongoing newsblog of END TIMES NEWS -- similar to Modemac's Bulldada NewsBlog, but with more serious scary world news and less of the whimsical news of dumbasses. I have been reading this daily, and it's been scaring me so badly that I've had to go look at Modemac's Bulldada News Blog wiki just to calm down.

--------------------------------------- Reveals Hour of Slack Production Secrets!

This is a 2-part interview by Gearwire editor Rev. Joe Wallace with Rev. Ivan Stang specifically about Hour of Slack production and SubGenius audio history.

Part One
Part Two


The SubGenius Alphabet by IMBJR

You may enjoy this short video by the celebrated SubGenius artist, IMBJR.


A Socratic Dialogue on the Superiority of the Church of the SubGenius


Dr. Hal, KrOB Forge Ahead With Radio Ministry


SAN FRANCISCO - The pioneering Ask Dr. Hal! show has now adapted fully to the alternate medium of radio, according to its broadcasters, Dr. Howland Owll and KrOB. Since the closing of the popular night club phenomenon last experienced by eager audiences at San Francisco's 12 Galaxies night club until February 2007, diversification has been the word as the show, chameleon-like, has metamorphosed to its current on- air version on the innovative S.F. Pirate Radio station, Pirate Cat 87.9 FM.

Just as in its salad days under the aegis of impresario Chicken John, the show still features the question-and-answer format of yore. Listeners are encouraged to call the show during its broadcast hours (10 PM - Midnight Wednesday nights) using the Sacred Telephone Number, (415) 626-6180. By doing so they receive answers to questions they are able to pose on any conceivable subject. But now, the traditional "gratuity" is officially waived -- these answers are provided for merely the cost of a standard telephone call. But there is much more happening in the show's new, cyber-age radio version. For one thing, an innovative podcast makes the full show available twenty-four hours each day! Yes, it's a new world for friends and followers of Ask Dr. Hal! Just go to


and enjoy two solid hours of unique entertainment through the medium of streaming audio.

Dr. Hal's main site

THE HOUR OF SLACK and other SubGenius Radio Shows



This newsgroup remains your best bet for IMMEDIATE, UNCONTROLLED SubGenius news, commentary, reviews, rants, flaming, and the Casting Out of False Prophets. It's really what the old Stark Fist zine turned into after it got out of control.

You can find even more groups and email or web forums, along with Other SubGenius Websites and dozens of important links on our CONTACTS PAGE.

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