Sunday, May 01, 2011

Dozens of Newly Old SubGenius Videos Have Migrated from Google Video to YouTube

Google Video was around before YouTube, and allowed members to load in movies of any length, so I loaded it with my older films, some of the SubG music videos from a few years back, and whole devival rants and Amino Acids concerts. My YouTube account only held the shorter and more recent items for the most part. Others took my Googles and put them on their YouTubes and got thousands of views, especially with my old 16mm films.

Google first announced they were just going to erase everything on April 29. Then they announced they had reconsidered (i.e. were threatened with a class action lawsuit, probably), and now are planning to "auto-migrate" everything over to YouTube accounts.

I decided to look into it, and found that a) I don't trust them to auto-anything and b) it's really easy to do it yourself and doesn't take much time per video. So, I moved a couple of dozen items over there. I have a couple dozen more to do yet, but they're mostly long, like the Baltimore 2007 devival, whole Amino Acids concerts, the old Club No video from 1991, that kind of thing, and in some cases the compression is lousy.

BUT! There's a lot of "new" stuff now on YouTube, which younger or newer SubGenii might never have been aware of at all.

My YouTube Channel

Up at the very top it says ALL, UPLOADS and FAVORITES. Click on UPLOADS and you'll see the 12 "faves" I picked (and which you may well have seen before, as they've had thousands of YouTube views on other people's channels) but if you scroll down you'll see many more in the descending chronological order in which they were uploaded, with most recent first.


At upper left is the UPLOADS box.
At the bottom of the box under the 3rd video it says "see all." (Not "see all" under favorites - those are videos by others that I like.)

The box gets bigger and you SHOULD see them in most-recent order. If the list starts with "Attention Spazzblister," that's the oldest (or the first thing I put on YouTube, rather), so toggle "Date Added" to get the most recent uploads, which starts with my 40-minute underground film from 1973, "Let's Visit the World of the Future."

MOST of the videos range from 30 seconds to about 6 minutes.

Or, blow all that off and just try, say:

Let's Visit the World of the Future

… you'll see plenty of the others in the list of related stuff on the right.

"Reproduction Cycle" from 1978 is a big favorite since it's porn stop-motion claymation of Martian microorganisms.

Here's a timely music video made from a.b.s. art:
X-Day's A-Comin' - King of Slack

The Making of MTV-SubGenius
is another long one, 37 minutes.

Then there's sections of "ARISE!" like
ARISE! Chapter 05 - The Life of J. R. "Bob" Dobbs

I also rearranged my Favorites (by others) and it's a pretty good stash of both SubG and non-SubG stuff.