Wednesday, July 15, 2009

12X-Day Photos & Etc. on SubSITE

Galleries of photos by Stang & Doe, Dok Frop & Sister Decadence, Pater
Nostril, Agent Lloyd, Pisces, Misc (the Misc part is especially funny)
plus links to the Facebook ones that I've heard of so far, for people
on Facebook.

TEXT Reports (all gathered from alt.slack, but edited) are at:

which is a SubSet of

Now, "Bob" has instructed me in a vision to assemble yet a THIRD 12X-
Day Hour of Slack and get it out of here by Saturday. The second one,
a "Bobtism" special, which we finished and mailed to stations
yesterday, will be linked into SubSITE on Thursday.

Any more photos, videos or recordings that are sent here won't be
gotten online until after we return from Starwood (which, being a week
of events within events, generates its own huge mass o' media). We/I
are trying to get a whale's butt's worth of work done before we leave.
This is an annual period of intensity that she and I keep voluntarily
putting ourselves through for some reason.

Oh wait, now I remember why. It's because the festival she runs comes
2 weeks after the festival I run. And her festival involves 1500
people. And she and I have to have the names, addresses and credit
card numbers of all those people right at our fingertips, starting
Sunday. But, by Saturday week I, the infamous disbeliever, will once
again be one of the 8 people who pretend to set afire instantly with
mere torches the artfully stacked, house-sized pile of wood. (The
ignition is actually triggered by remote control, by rocket
scientists.) Pissing off every fundie pagan in the campground on
account of me, a SubGenius, being involved in the Sacred Bonfire
Lighting is all the reward I need.

Also, I learned Ron Slabe will be projecting my Igazum-ation on a
giant screen during the pyrotechnics in the spectacular Friday night
island fire show. Knowing all those acid-gobblers are going WHOA DUDE
at my glorpy insta-psychedelia (when they're not looking at the
topless fire-twirling girls) always does my hideous hairy pride gland
good too.

But best of all, we won't be near a keyboard or computer for over a

Unfortunately we will be closely surrounded by humans on all sides,
even when hiding out in The Medium Sized House or the various
SubGenius or SubGenius/Discordian camps. During Starwood, you have to
go pretty far out into the woods to escape the humans. Ask any bear.