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Completed article, photo-illustrated, with photo galleries:

Next: San Francisco DEVO-vival, December 8 at 12 Galaxies -- with Dr. Hal, Rev. Stang, Mongolounge, Mongoloid, KROB, Philo, and…?

Thursday, November 15, 2007


On Nov. 10, 2007, inside a huge rented Methodist church building in Baltimore, we Ministers in The Church of the SubGenius enjoyed a Slack-packed devival with four bands and seven preachers, all in the name of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs.

I've posted a few of the highlights to Google Video. (There are DivX versions of the shorter ones on alt.binaries.multimedia.slack for those who want better copies to show on their DVD players.)

This clip features the infamous Dr. K'taden Legume at the pulpit. Jenkem is referenced.

In this clip, Rev. Carter LeBlanc deliniates the impact of Pinkness on the U.S. economy. Rev. LeBlanc also organized the event, with Priestess Pisces and Rev. 2Beans.

Here, devival cohost Priestess Pisces shares a poignant parable about the Bobbie.

You can see Rev. Susie the Floozy deliver her rant, but you can't see the audience melting or hardening in adoration.

In this raw shaky-cam footage, the musicians from out of space called The Amino Acids perform their entire "set" (except during a camera roll change) and close the devival by very nearly destroying themselves.

Rev. Ivan Stang herein presents the sermon known as "SubGenius 101," which covers "Bob," Slack and The Conspiracy for the uninitiated.

The Baltimore Devival 2007 Text Reports from alt.slack and Stang's Photos

Rev. Susie the Floozie's devival photos

I'll try to post more videos when we return from the Amsterdam devivals. And the San Francisco devival. Meanwhile, don't miss ChasFest and the Detroit Devival, around Thanksgiving (details here).

Halloween at the Slackermansion, 2007 photos

The Alien SkullFace Cult Leader outfit is courtesy Sister Decadence.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007



This is a wonderful article for non-SubGeniuses about the Church and last July's X-Day Drill X, written by Rev. Nancy Rawlinson, with photos by Rev. Lucas Thorpe.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bon Voyage, Chas Smith

This morning, Oct. 16, our friend Chas Smith peacefully vacated Earth Plane One for greener pastures.


New tribute site:

Chas was hospitalized a month ago with double pneumonia, and had a severe stroke while in the hospital. He had also been fighting Hodgkin's lymphoma, a type of cancer which he had beaten in his youth but which killed his brother several years ago, and for which he had recently started getting radiation treatments. Chas was a really tough old soldier but nobody could fight this so many illnesses and traumas forever.

Chas had just turned 50.

As a music professor at Cleveland State University, Chas taught the most popular course at the whole school, a class in the history of rock and roll and its roots. Chas put much more into his class than just the history, however. He was beloved by students as much for his spontaneous rants on life and society in general, or on space and science, or whatever had grabbed his interest that week, as for his musical subject matter.

He also taught regular and very popular workshops in music and consciousness at Starwood, Winterstar, and Sirius Rising. He taught basic musical composition to little kids through a program with the Cleveland Opera. He authored three textbooks on the history of rock and roots music: "From Woodstock to the Moon: The Cultural Evolution of Rock Music," "The Soul of Sunrise: Grassroots Music in America," and another which was only recently finished.

The focal point of his life, however, was playing music. He was in The Clocks, a popular Cleveland punk band in the late '70s and early '80s. During the 1990s and early 2000s he fronted Einstein's Secret Orchestra or ESO (with Dave DeLuca, Bob Mozick and Michele George (to whom he was married for several years). Two excellent studio albums and many good live recordings exist. In recent years ESO became more of a blues, classic C&W and jam band with many different members. Chas also toured with Cobra Verde as keyboardist.

Cleveland radio listeners heard Chas's weekly show on WCSB, Swamp Radio, every Thursday night for over 20 years. This eclectic show included not only whatever music Chas was into at the time, but live performances, jams, and also improv comedy and plays -- first with Brain Rot Theater (radio comedy sketches by Dave DeLuca, Dan Didonato, and Chas) and later with DeLuca, myself and my wife "Princess Wei." Chas also took calls from listeners -- and he got some pretty wild listeners. The bits recorded on Swamp Radio were a mainstay of the syndicated SubGenius show "Hour of Slack" for almost a decade.

Almost all SubGenius events in the Cleveland and Northern Ohio area featured ESO (or sometimes just Chas, solo) as the musical headliner from 1992 to 2002.

Chas was an outdoorsman -- not a hunter, but a hiker and camper. His seasonal camp at Brushwood Folklore Center in western rural New York grew into a sort of giant art gallery and performance area where some of the coolest events at Brushwood took place -- and if you're familiar with Brushwood, that's saying quite a bit. Variously called Tranquility Base and Club Tiki Banzai, Chas's parties (including the annual Rumble in the Jungle) are legendary. When Chas wasn't playing, he was DJing.

The camp -- and his performance costumes or "rock star duds" -- were outlets for Chas's considerable graphic arts talents. He had some of the most psychedelic outfits I've ever seen in rock shows, decorated by hand in his inimitable style. His home and especially the recording studio in the basement benefited from his handiwork and seemingly boundless energy.

Chas will be remembered by thousands -- his almost countless former students, his many fellow musicians and performers, his camping buddies and the many communities to which he was such a big contributor -- Brushwood, A.C.E. in Cleveland, The Church of the SubGenius, WCSB, Cleveland State, and probably many more of which I have yet to learn.

Chas wasn't the only reason I left Dallas for Cleveland, but he was definitely one of the main ones. He is already greatly missed.

A deep and heartfelt thanks to Bob Mozick for being such a rock for Chas and his family and friends through this whole hard time.

The funeral will be held at Brickman Funeral Home in Willoughby, Ohio --
Visiting Hours
Thursday, October 18th
4:00 PM - 8:00 PM

37433 Euclid Ave.
Willoughby, Ohio 44094


If you live in NE Ohio, you can go to for

The Service, followed by the Funeral begins
10:00 AM
Friday, October 19th
Brickman Bros. Funeral Home


Hour of Slack #1122 will be a tribute to Chas. (Will air in Cleveland Sunday Oct. 20 at 9 pm on WCSB - 89.3 FM or streaming from (also to be available on for download)

Jason Isla (part of the fire team at Brushwood, just married out there weekend before last) put up this excellent tribute site for Chas -- has Paypal donation area too, nice photo gallerly.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


I'm sorry to be the bearer of sad tidings, and they don't come much sadder than this one.

Bob Mozik called me at 7:30 this morning to tell me Chas had left this mortal plane.

He said Chas had a small army of visitors over the weekend - we think he was waiting to see as many friends as he could see before he left (or hear them as it was more toward the end).

A Beachland Ballroom benefit concert is in the works. His memorial will most likely take place at Brickman Funeral Home in Willoughby, OH. I will post any more info as soon as I know it.

Chas was overcome by multiple medical problems. While at the Clinic, he bravely fought 4 separate infections, double pneumonia, his Hodgkin's disease, which had come out of remission, and massive stroke damage. The thing to remember is that to the end, Chas kept a bright outlook. Always the thumbs up - while he was able.

Also, the doctors at the clinic used all of their knowledge and expertise to do everything they could for him. I visited him every other day, and witnessed very compassionate care each time I saw him.

Thanks to Bob Mozik, he had music in his ears the last week or so of his life. Bob bought a CD player and brought in many mix disks of Chas' favorite music. One of the nurses said she thought a CD player should be standard equipment for every hospice room - what could be better than soothing music to allow you to be far away while still physically there?

Chas' family had no idea how many friends Chas had. They were bowled over by the number of cards, gifts, flowers and visitors he received. I pray that that bowling over can continue when many contributions toward the Medical Fund his father set up begin coming in.

Again, donations for Chas can be sent directly to:

Donation for Charles V. Smith
U.S. Bank 26410 Lakeshore
Euclid, Ohio 44132

Please make checks payable to Donation of Charles V. Smith

Friday, October 12, 2007

Memorial Art Gallery for the Late St. Joe Riley

Check out all five index-pages-worth of Joe's incredible paintings, models, masks
and SubGenius drawings. There are also links to his blog and MySpace
page, with more art, some interviews, and also the newly-installed
"Making of MTV-SubGenius" on Google Video. St. Joe was a major part of SubGenius video productions and graphics output.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Prof. Chas Smith of ESO Hospitalized -- Fund Started

I so wish this could be good news.

Our friend Chas Smith of Swamp Radio, Einstein's Secret Orchestra, the Rock & Roll History class at Cleveland State University, Club Tiki Banzai at Brushwood, etc., is very ill. About a month ago he entered the Cleveland Clinic (a top-notch facility luckily) with double pneumonia. He was already fighting other infections. While in the hospital he suffered a severe stroke that left him paralyzed on his left side. He has had many visitors; his parents, Princess Wei and drummer Bob Mozick have been at his side almost daily.

Yesterday this message was sent out by Bob Mozick ("Drummer Bob" of ESO, many other bands):

"A fund for donations has been set up for Chas to help with medical and other expenses.

"Unfortunately Chas has no medical insurance. He has been relocated a new room, number is M70-13. Sadly, his condition has taken a negative turn; the main issue is the series of respiratory problems he is having. Certain antibiotics are not working, and this in combination with a weak immune system and the stroke is making it very difficult for him. His dad Stan asked me to pass along his sincere thanks and appreciation to all for your support, prayers and positive energy.

"Donations for Chas can be sent directly to:

Donation for Charles V. Smith, U.S. Bank, 26410 Lakeshore Euclid, Ohio 44132

"Please make checks payable to Donation of Charles V. Smith

Cards and letters can be mailed here:

Chas V. Smith, M70-13, c/o Cleveland Clinic, 9500 Euclid Ave., Cleveland Ohio, 44195.


Saturday, August 18, 2007


Click here to lend your support to: Reverend Magdalen Legal Fund and make a donation at !

To make a long story short, a panel of New York judges unanimously decided to give full custody of Rev. Magdalen's child to the biological dad. We got this news on July 6, right in the middle of the 10X-Day Drill celebrations -- an unimaginably sobering moment. I don't think any of us had realized that "The Conspiracy" could be THAT REAL. (As heard on Hour of Slack #1112.)

HOWEVER -- by the time we got to Starwood, two weeks later, the entire situation had practically reversed, and it now looks like Magdalen and her child will be together after all! And, to boot, her husband Steve "Jesus" Bevilacqua is being transferred by his employer from England back to Georgia, so the whole family is together again!

The reason this happened is because that panel of judges learned something they hadn't been told by the bio-father and his lawyer… that three weeks BEFORE the judges' snap decision, the bio-dad had managed to -- on a school day -- drive his car into a wall, injure somebody, flee the scene of the accident, and then get caught, and charged with, among other things, his third drunk driving offense. Altogether the lad is charged with multiple felonies and could spend up to 7 years in federal prison. (But he probably won't.)

A lot of other stuff about the bio-dad came out that we shan't repeat here prematurely. There are many more details however on Rev. Modemac's excellent wikipedia site, which has closely followed this case and provides links to court documents:

The really bad news is that the Bevilacqua's legal bill is around $140,000. Yes, that is the latest figure. The bio-dad's lawyers (provided free of charge by the state since he's on the dole due to "chronic fatigue syndrome") deliberately prolonged and delayed this whole ordeal just to "GET" the Bevilacquas and run up legal bills so high that they'll basically spend the rest of their lives paying. That was the cost of getting the child out of... a bad situation, let's say. And, the funny thing is, Magdalen STILL is legally bound never to have copies of SubGenius materials in her house.

Needless to say, the dust hasn't completely settled yet. The Bevilacqua's lawyers have been working for cut rates, and have given her plenty of time to pay off, but all relatives are tapped out financially now, so we, her fellow SubGeniuses, are asking each other to DONATE WHAT YOU CAN to help see that justice is done.

One way you can contribute funds to the SubGenius child custody case fund is via this PayPal link:

PayPal donations can still be sent to

If you'd rather use a credit card, the nifty button below takes you to the page for the Rev. Magdalen Legal Fund, where you can use a credit card OR PayPal to donate. The button shows what's been donated so far via

Click here to lend your support to: Reverend Magdalen Legal Fund and make a donation at !

Checks or other payments can be mailed to the attention of:
Rachel Bevilacqua
c/o Christopher S. Mattingly
Lipsitz Green LLP
42 Delaware Avenue
Suite 300
Buffalo, New York 14202-3857

Friends, we rarely come begging. Normally we come selling. Thanks to a Slackulous X-Day (and also a hell of a Starwood!) we'll have plenty to sell… once we finally unpack. But for now, all we want to sell you on is the GREAT FEELING IN YOUR GUT that you'll get if you donate whatever you can spare to help make life bearable for this family that has suffered such suspense and agony JUST BECAUSE THEY CALLED THE CHURCH OF THE SUBGENIUS THEIR RELIGION! (Ironically, as SubGenii go they never were all that religious, believe me! Like my kids, their boy might have believed in Santa Claus, but he was definitely NOT expecting at any point to meet "Bob.")

Dig down deep in those pockets, scrounge to the bottom of that purse, and whip out what you can for the CAUSE! -- or, well, for the Bevilacquas, anyway. They are a very nice family -- and a few years ago they forced The SubGenius Foundation to survive as a business when I was about to give up -- but right now they need as much help as they can possibly get.

TEN BUCKS isn't too little! TEN THOUSAND would not be too much! If ever there was a time to spread around any excess Slack you might happen to have, this is it.

When life gives you Dobbsheads, make Dobbshead-Aid. There are some SubGenius shows and fund-raisers coming up -- Cleveland, Baltimore, Amsterdam, Detroit -- and those are all listed at on the events page. We'll soon have some detailed illustrated reports on 10-X-Day and Starwood. I'm frantically editing video and audio from both of those for a multitude of projects. I've been putting bits and pieces on Google Video, and others have been putting their X-Day home movies on YouTube, as linked below:

UFO Sighting at 2006 SubGenius X-Day Drill

Just as Rev. Susie the Floozie was loudly bemoaning the lack of any flying saucers at 9X-Day, a UFO flew across the sky in the background of my home movie. This was not noticed until almost one year later, when I finally examined the video footage. The UFO itself does not appear until 1 minute 13 seconds in, after some fanciful banter about messages from J.R. "Bob" Dobbs (or the aliens) spelled out in clouds -- but the UFO segment is replayed twice in slow motion afterwards.

The Amino Acids at 10X-Day SubGenius End of the World Drill

What better band to usher out all human reality than The Amino Acids? This merry band of alien stooges serenaded the SubGenii with their blistering instrumentals and delicate pantomime. Note the brief appearance of Slack guru J.R. "Bob" Dobbs. See for more.

AUDIO recording of SubGenius 10X-Day - Awaiting the Saucers at 7 am, July 5

39 minutes, MP3 (36.2 MB)
From a lapel mic attached to Rev. Stang


Rev. Jimbo's X-Day videos:

The Wedding of Nickie and Teela


iDRMRSR's 10X-Day videos

Beer Tasting

Amino Acids

XX- Day Computer Camp

The Comic Book

Swinging Love Corpse

The final scroll of Bob's Deviant Rectum

The Making of the X-Day Bobbie Awards

Amino Acids (second video)

Friday night jam session w/Pisces + Carter


Ankara's Drunken 808 video



Rev. V's pics are up

Rev. JimboDeLimbo's photos

Rev. Scalpod's

Click here to lend your support to: Reverend Magdalen Legal Fund and make a donation at !

Sunday, June 24, 2007


A new tunnel has been excavated in the ART MINES:


This is the first major excavation since June, 2006. Therefore this stash contains ONE YEAR'S WORTH of Slackwork by dozens of artists and arteests… probably around 1500 to 2000 pieces. AND THIS IS JUST THE GOOD STUFF! We didn't include EVERYTHING in this stash, just our faves.

There are actually 3 new tunnels… there was too much for one. Tunnel 1 contains work by the four most prolific: IMBJR, LeMur, Heart Ignition and Bat Mummy. There's also a "MISCELLANEOUS" page with dozens of pieces by folks who only did the one piece that year. NOTE: there is a special "XXX-IMBJR" section that REALLY IS "adults only." And squeamish adults may want to think twice before venturing into IMBJR's "special room"!

Tunnel 2 contains numerous tributaries by Reverends Artemia Salina, ErRoR, iDRMRSR, Zontar, some raunchy 3d ones by BO-nanana (use your old set of blue-red 3D glasses for these!), Ennui Malaise, generic spam harvester bait, Heathen, Legume, Lord Of Eltingville, Neuromanson, Norel Pref, Razna, Unclaimed Mysteries, and some GIF-mations by Walter Cosmac.

There are even some leftover photos from 9X-Day in a special 9X section, pics that didn't get to us in time to be used in the 9X Photonovella.

P.S. I did this instead of editing the 9X-Day videos. I am STILL gonna try to do that too before XX-Day.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

X-Day - SubG Condoms - News of Magdalen - Signs of Witness - Links


And we are ready! The Annual SubGenius Migration to our breeding grounds in the wilds of rural western New York State has begun.

If you haven't heard about Brushwood and would like to await the saucers with a hundred or two of your fellow SubGenii (and some great bands!), see the fully expanded X-Day intro and registration pages on SubSITE.

Or see Modemac's X-Day Pages

You don't have to be at Brushwood to be Ruptured, but it might be more fun if you have the SNAZZY NEW ACCOUTREMENTS that have been added to the Special X-Day Page of the SubGenius CafePress Store!

We went crazy adding 10X-Day pre-memorabilia and souvenirs to our OTHER online shop. Now, YOU can go crazy WITH them! Huge range of swag from badges and stickers to shirts and shotguns. CafePress now has several nice shirts that come in up to a dozen different colors, and there are now shirts for "Plus Size Women." If you haven't looked at the store in awhile, you may be surprised at the variety of women's clothes offered now.

We will not necessarily have all this stuff at the Sacred Sales Shack at Brushwood. We'll probably bring ONE of everything new and it'll be first come, first serve. At an X-Day Drill that could have a double meaning. We suggest buying NOW NOW NOW -- in fact this is true of ALL SubGenius products in BOTH online catalogs, because:


VIEW OR DOWNLOAD THE COMPLETE SCHEDULE BROCHURE IN PDF FORMAT! (360 kb) Page 1 is last in this layout, as this version was prepared for printing to 11x17 paper, to be folded. The brochure also includes Rev. Joe Cosby's short story "BRACE YOURSELVES."

For FREE DVDs of documentaries covering past X-Days, learn how to download Usenet binaries and look at alt.binaries.multimedia.slack! The unfree versions (including the revised, spectacular 1998 one) are in our Scatalog.

You can also find all manner of X-Day related videos on YouTube and Google Video


New SubGenius Health Product: "Bob" Condoms!

Don't leave Earth without 'em!
SUBGENIUS CONDOMS! For real! Includes both Dobbsheaded and Connie-doms!

Also, condom designs by Rev. Winston Smith, Coop, Peter Bagge!



Rev. Magdalen on her child custody case:

"Well, we all waited expectantly for the decision to come out on June 8, but the court decided to "hold it over to the next term", which means they'll be releasing it, supposedly, the Friday two weeks after June 20, which puts it squarely at July 6. They did not inform us ahead of time they were doing this, and in fact it's not really legal, as the law says they have to decide in 30 days. But this does happen from time to time, my lawyer says, and there's nothing we can do. Oh yeah and they might decide NOT to hold it over to the next term but instead release their decision at a random time between now and July 6. So it's like they're saying, have fun checking the website every day to see if maybe today is that random day that probably won't even happen! It's really awful.

"I've asked if I can get my son for a six-week summer visitation, like other non-custodial parents get, starting after his school year ends next Friday, but I haven't heard back yet."

So Magdalen continues to be "on hold," waiting for the slow grinding wheels of Justice to reach some kind of decision.

I can't even IMAGINE what this must be like. I'm a parent, and in the 90s I worried LIGHTLY that such a thing might happen to my family. It didn't, and now my kids are grown, so it can't. (In fact my daughter is getting married in about a week!) I suppose I can imagine WORSE things... but... this insanity has been going on for almost TWO YEARS now.

This is the kind of thing that makes me think almost ANYTHING is better than a COURT CASE. Once your life is in the hands of lawyers and judges, YOU ARE SCREWED whether you win or lose. Same with doctors and hospitals. When it gets so bad that you're dependent on THEM -- that's REALLY REALLY *REALLY* BAD.

The JUDGES shall be at The Judgment. The JUDGMENTAL shall be at The Judgment. The Conclusion-Jumper shall be at The Judgment.

I wish The Judgment would hurry up and happen, and get it over with.




SIGNS OF WITNESS is Rev. John Shirley's ongoing newsblog of END TIMES NEWS -- similar to Modemac's Bulldada NewsBlog, but with more serious scary world news and less of the whimsical news of dumbasses. I have been reading this daily, and it's been scaring me so badly that I've had to go look at Modemac's Bulldada News Blog wiki just to calm down.

--------------------------------------- Reveals Hour of Slack Production Secrets!

This is a 2-part interview by Gearwire editor Rev. Joe Wallace with Rev. Ivan Stang specifically about Hour of Slack production and SubGenius audio history.

Part One
Part Two


The SubGenius Alphabet by IMBJR

You may enjoy this short video by the celebrated SubGenius artist, IMBJR.


A Socratic Dialogue on the Superiority of the Church of the SubGenius


Dr. Hal, KrOB Forge Ahead With Radio Ministry


SAN FRANCISCO - The pioneering Ask Dr. Hal! show has now adapted fully to the alternate medium of radio, according to its broadcasters, Dr. Howland Owll and KrOB. Since the closing of the popular night club phenomenon last experienced by eager audiences at San Francisco's 12 Galaxies night club until February 2007, diversification has been the word as the show, chameleon-like, has metamorphosed to its current on- air version on the innovative S.F. Pirate Radio station, Pirate Cat 87.9 FM.

Just as in its salad days under the aegis of impresario Chicken John, the show still features the question-and-answer format of yore. Listeners are encouraged to call the show during its broadcast hours (10 PM - Midnight Wednesday nights) using the Sacred Telephone Number, (415) 626-6180. By doing so they receive answers to questions they are able to pose on any conceivable subject. But now, the traditional "gratuity" is officially waived -- these answers are provided for merely the cost of a standard telephone call. But there is much more happening in the show's new, cyber-age radio version. For one thing, an innovative podcast makes the full show available twenty-four hours each day! Yes, it's a new world for friends and followers of Ask Dr. Hal! Just go to


and enjoy two solid hours of unique entertainment through the medium of streaming audio.

Dr. Hal's main site

THE HOUR OF SLACK and other SubGenius Radio Shows



This newsgroup remains your best bet for IMMEDIATE, UNCONTROLLED SubGenius news, commentary, reviews, rants, flaming, and the Casting Out of False Prophets. It's really what the old Stark Fist zine turned into after it got out of control.

You can find even more groups and email or web forums, along with Other SubGenius Websites and dozens of important links on our CONTACTS PAGE.

Coming Soon: OnLine Stark Fist 2007

The SubGenius Online Mail Order Catalogs

Tuesday, May 15, 2007 Reveals Hour of Slack Production Secrets! Plus: "Bob" Condoms!

This is part 1 of a 3-part interview by editor Rev. Joe Wallace with yours truly specifically about Hour of Slack production and SubGenius audio history. Part two will be up tomorrow, according to theory.

Also in the news:


Also, condom designs by Rev. Winston Smith, Coop, Peter Bagge!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

May 'STARK FIST OF REMOVAL' Newsletter - teX-Day, New DVDs, Misc. Linkslack

I just sent this to the 3,000 on the SubGenius Email List of the Gods
( SIGN UP HERE IF YOU HAVEN'T -- we cannot automatically add you! )
but I figured it wouldn't hurt to splash it around here too.

THE STARK FIST OF REMOVAL Newsletter May "2007"
In This Issue:
teX-Day This Weekend - and Free Videos
Euro-X-Day, May 12
Amino Acids CD release
X-Day is Coming! (July)
Starwood and Burning Star
The SubGenius GAME is back!
X-Day '98 Now on DVD
Night of Slack now on DVD
New Animation DVD
Dr. Hal's New Dinosaur Book
Some Oddball SubGenius Video Links
News for Ministers, News of Magdalen

It's the spam you requested! And, as promised last time, it's not even all spam. After the list of upcoming devivals and new religious products from the Church (DVDs and a game), this newsletter has a looong line of links to many Slack-filled forms of free Time Control.

Alt.Slack remains your MOST up-to-date (and maddening!) source of SubGenius Brand News and -- uh, SATIRE. Yeah, that's right, SATIRE. That's all it is. Good clean healthy satire, Officer.

There are many ways to look at Usenet newsgroups like alt.slack, but the easiest for most Subs is probably via Google Groups' version of alt.slack

TeX-Day this weekend; teX-Day videos online

TeX-Day 2007 is THIS WEEKEND, May 5, and we're EXCITED, since it's a meeting of many of old-time original Texas Apostles as well as many new and ASTONISHINGLY YOUNG ones. (They may seem so young to me only because I am now astonishingly OLD.) Such was our excitement that we've thrash-edited the videotapes and stills from teX-Day 2005 into what Rev. Artemia Salina calls an "actio-mentary" -- and also a 10-minute promo trailer.

Both versions are on one page at:

The longer one features many more songs and sermon clips than the short promo, including Rev. Chupacabra's timeless and heartfelt testimonial, and slo-mo replay of many Launchings.

This year's teX-Day III:
May 5-6 weekend, Dragonz Wylde Ranch, Red Rock, Texas, near Austin

I, Stang will be there, as will host Loke E. Coyote, many bands including The Great Groovy Neptune, Sister Decadence, Princess Wei, Dok Frop, THAT, Col. Sphinx Drummond, Launchings, Doktor Music, Sex Temple!

Directions, tickets, and details are at the teX-Day website


May 12-18 - Euro-X-DAY 2007

Various Noted Clubs, Bars, Coffee Shops - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
At least 70 people are planning to converge for this insane multi-venue LIFE EXPERIENCE! But the venues and hotels may change so we suggest following Euro_SubGenius at or emailing the evil Pope Black ( for details.


June 16 - Amino Acids New CD Release Gut Blow-Out
The Magic Stick, 4120 Woodward, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Nothing is more BASIC than the amino acids. They are everywhere and they are anonymous, but if it weren't for them, there would be NO DNA AT ALL.

The new Amino Acids album "Humanity Will Fall Like Pins" could be called "music to ride an experimental test rocket bareback directly into the Sun through a dense meteor shower while beating back attacking robodemons with bare fists by." One might alternatively term it SciFi Surf Punk Masked-Man SuperVillain Metal. Previous albums might have fit the "Superhero Metal" genre but this is definitely more Brainiac and The Joker than Batman or Superman. (But it's still KINDA Superman and a whole lot of Batman.) "The Ennio Morricone of Surf Music!"

Also with EASY ACTION, STYLEX, FUN ENDER, and the most elaborate Acidic staging plans yet. Many will perish!



JULY 4-8 - Brushwood, Sherman, New York

This is THE SubGenius World Destruction Event!

(The world ends on July 5 at 7 a.m.; party continues for SubGenii aboard Escape Vessels)

Featuring The Amino Acids, Bonobos Convergence, Fake UFO Evidence Hoax Contest, SubGenius Wedding Ow-My-Costume-Ball, Dr. Dark's Drive-In, Dr. Hal, Priestess Pisces, Rev. Carter LeBlanc, Rev. Susie the Floozy, Lonesome Cowboy Dave & Mondo Retardo Band with Princess Wei, Rev. Ivan Stang, everybody on the SubGenius IRC and alt.slack, Scientology & Other Cult Horror Tales Round Table, Scrapple TossLink, Pancake Orgy, Liquid 'Frop Tasting, much more.

"It's like GITMO, but in reverse." - Rev. Carter €


X-Day postcard 1, Side 2

- Zapanaz


JULY 24-29 - STARWOOD 27, BRUSHWOOD, Sherman, New York, USA

Largest Neo-Pagan and Multi-Weirdo Event in the NE - SubGenius Devival included

August 17-18 - BURNING STAR
Near Syracuse, New York, USA

INSANE FESTIVAL!! Inspired by Burning Man and Starwood.

These are the same guys that brought a Time Machine to the last
Starwood, and caused all that turbulence downStream in the Temporal Timestream. Rev. Ivan Stang Devival and Video Barrage included



Steve Jackson's Illuminati New World Order SubGenius Game - Back in Scatalog

This is a hundred-card non-collectible set from STEVE JACKSON GAMES, written and designed by Steve Jackson and Ivan Stang, featuring over 100 full color art pieces provided by the greatest artists of alt.binaries.slack. It can be played independently, or incorporated within SJG's sprawling ILLUMINATI NEW WORLD ORDER universe of TOTAL PARANOIA.

Here's a preview (from 1997)


Until now, several classic SubGenius videos were only available in VHS. We have painstakingly remastered several of them onto 2 separate DVDs, and added many new extras such as subtitles so that both collections are as densely Slack-packed as possible. Besides the oldies, there's also a brand new collection of 2 hours of SubGenius animation.

X-DAY "1998" DVD

It's like an Hour of Slack radio show, but you can see it. Footage taken from 6 camera sources just before and after the world ended, slam-cut by Rev. Ivan Stang into a compressed vision of life among the SubGeniuses during their violent and apocalyptic X-Day Drill (held at a clothing-optional campground deep in New York's Amish country). ((Winner, Dallas Video Festival, 1998)) 1 hour 44 minutes. Much nudity, profane language.
EXTRAS: 5X-Day 2002 (22 minute dokumentally), X-Day Commercial; DVD menu pages have minute-long special hypnotic soundtracks,
trance-inducing collage imagery
Not recommended for mature audiences



Includes the 1984 NIGHT OF SLACK Devival, The Making of SUBGENIUS/MTV, "Bob's" Lunch Hour, 1990 SubGenius Art Gallery Show, and more

NIGHT OF SLACK -- The legendary 1984 San Francisco revival at which "Bob" first 'died.' Pope David N. Meyer, The Band That Dare Not Speak Its Name, Dr. Hal, Rev. Ivan Stang, Pope Sternodox, Doktors 4 "Bob".

You'll "LAK TO DIE" when you see Dobbs in a flying saucer, blowing up the MTV building (a pyramid with an eye on it); the stop-motion death in flames of Barbie and Ken; live recreations of two SubGenius book covers; and Dobbs being worshiped by slinky devil-girls in Hell. During the sometimes surreal shooting, we also shot this 40-minute look behind the scenes.

The SUBGENIUS ART SHOW AT PSYCHEDELIC SOLUTION GALLERY, NYC (1990) -- now fully subtitled so you can tell who the "famous" celebrities are!

"Bob's" LUNCH HOUR starring Dr. Philo Drummond as "Bob" (Started in1977 - finished in 2007)

Dr. Hal interviewed re: "Bob's" Shooting, 1984

UNSEEN INTERVIEWS: LIES (Paul Mavrides), Pope Sternodox and Puzzling Evidence - uncut footage from 1981 World SubCon videos, shot for Showtime "What's Up America"; LIES & Puzzling Evidence - 2-minute "interview" from 1985; Dr. G. Gordon Gordon Goes Fishing with Snavely and Philo - 1991


PSYCHLODELIACA DVD - The Oilslide Collection

The first hour of this program was made by Rev. Ivan Stang specifically for projection at live stage shows, devivals, raves, etc, and presents pure eye-candy and instrumental music with only the occasional Dobbshead or OverMan peeking through. The second hour involves shorter pieces, animation/music videos focused on "Bob," made mostly by Stang since the Dobbsedeliasteses collection was done. Almost all of these can be seen in gritty no-res teeny-vision on YouTube or Google Video, but many excited SubGenii who have seen these projected at live shows have asked for these trippy visuals on DVD.


"This book should be required reading. This is the best book that truly unmasks the conspiracy. It is so good I am almost taking it seriously. With all due respect to the Book of the SubGenius and the latest one. They are not as in-depth as this one on one specific subject. It is the ultimate SubGenius conspiracy life self help book. Kudos to all involved. Now fuck off." -- Rev. Chain Smerker



Dinosaur Alphabet
By Harry S. Robins (known to the SubGenius Race as Dr. Hal/Dr. Howl)
Frog Ltd./North Atlantic Books

If you're familiar with Hal's comics and SubGenius artwork, I need say little more. DINOSAUR ALPHABET makes the perfect gift for any adult dinosaur fan, because chances are good that this is one book they don't even know about -- in bookstores, it's in the Children's Nonfiction section. This is possibly because each pictured dinosaur is also described in verse!

The dinosaurs (and dinosaur-like creatures) that Hal so vividly describes and depicts in eye-watering color are ones you never heard of -- Euoplocephalus, Fabrosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Huayangosaurus, Quaesitosaurus, Rhoetosaurus, Vulcanodon, Zuniceratops, all of them intricately rendered, and all described in more scientific detail in a long appendix.

See the cover art in these on-web reviews:
Laughing Squid review
Boing-boing review of the book

$18.95 (But only $13.95 at!)



If you like your news delivered to you WEIRD, we heartily recommend subscribing to Rev. Modemac's free Bulldada Newsblog & daily SubGenius Calendar. Every day this SubGenius Mad Doktor collects together the most bizarre and absurd news links from around the Internet. It's as if Charles Fort ran the Drudge Report.

SubGenius wiki sites
Modemac assembled this page of links showing how the Church of
the SubGenius is portrayed on various wiki "encyclopedia" sites out
there. And some of them are indeed pretty OUT THERE.

For that matter, there's more of everything at

SubGenius Ascendancy

The Are You Subgenius Test

St. Byron Werner's amazing radio show RURAL WAR ROOM (broadcast on the Little Rock indie station KABF Tuesdays at
10 pm) now being podcast! to download these half-hour shows

Secret Sex Cult Origins of the SubGenius
Scientists have discovered that both Discordianism and the Church of the SubGenius are actually descended from a secret Islamic sex cult founded in New Jersey in the 1800s!

Discordianism (and SubGenius) in court
Reverend Magdalen is not the first SubGenius forced to defend her
religion in court. Discordianism has also appeared in a court case --
along with an explanation of the SubGenius Short Duration Marriage.

Stang Videos (anything WITH Stang) on Video Google

SUB-AD page with Stang vid list

City Lights San Francisco SubGenius Book Signing
In this video excerpt you only see Dr. Hal, but you hear heckling by
Dr. Philo Drummond, Puzzling Evidence, Pissbaptist John Shirley, and
(towards the end) St. Palmer Vreedeez of The LIES Foundation.

(Look at her list of videos and you'll see that B
ug Girl has put many Dr. Hal performances on You Tube!)

The Man from SLAK

George Clinton Sub Video

Illuminati Symbols EVERYWHERE!


Revised "BOB" Sayings

The three feature documentaries that I, Stang wrote and edited for director Mickey Grant in the previous century have been put on Google Video by Mickey. These include THE CU CHI TUNNELS, the only American film I know of that depicts the Vietnam War AS RECOUNTED BY THE VIET CONG. Some scenes are pretty excruciating. Also, this film features more one-armed people than most documentaries do.


When you get the ordainment package, remember to fill out and mail back the "Confirmation Postcard" or else you won't get mailings on such occasions as they occur. We've been updating our Sacred Mailing List/Book of Life, or trying to, and it seems that we've sold a lot of Memberships to people who aren't finishing the process by sending in that little postcard.


eeded $2000 and got $5,000! That helps a lot with the Bevilacquas' huge legal debt. She can still use all the help she can get, though! At one point, some unnamed donator managed to place the online donations counter at exactly $3333.33 . . . and it stayed lodged in that position for several days!
Donations button

Details of the case

The text of Judge Adams' decision in the case of Reverend Magdalen, is now available online. You can download it from the wiki page for Magdalen, along with all of the other links; the link is available at the top and bottom of the page.

An appellate court hearing is scheduled for May and we have high hopes that once a panel of real judges hears the case, real justice will be done.

Praise be to all who have helped in the fight for Slack for so long!


Saturday, April 14, 2007

2 New Thangs: SubG INWO Game & Long Form teX-Day Video

The teX-Day video posted earlier is the short 10-minute promo. This is the long-form one.

Both versions are on the SubGenius Events Page

TeX-Day 2007 is coming May 5, so we've thrash-edited the videotapes and stills from teX-Day 2005 into an actual finished "fropumentary." (I, Stang didn't edit any 2006 teX-Day footage because I wasn't there to document it -- had to work on the Bobliographon book deadline instead.)

TeX-Day Documentary (32 minutes)
This is the full-length (32 minutes) documentary from which the 10 minute promo was whittled down. It features many more songs and sermon clips than the short promo, including Rev. Chupacabra's timeless testimonial, and slo-mo replay of some of the Launchings.

This year's teX-Day III:
May 5-6 weekend
Dragonz Wylde Ranch, Red Rock, Texas, near Austin

Directions, tickets, and details are at the teX-Day website

I, Stang will be there, as will host Loke E. Coyote, many bands, Sister Decadence, Princess Wei, Dok Frop, Launchings, Doktor Music, Sex Temple, maybe even THAT! More to be announced!

There is yet a longer, much more perverse version -- the full uncensored 40-minute director's cut, which is only on alt.binaries.multimedia.slack because it has nipples and (CENSORED) that Google Video would not want on their pages. The 10-minute short is also on a.b.m.s. All versions posted to that binaries group are high-quality DivX avi files, suitable for your DVD player (when burned to a data CDR) vastly better looking and sounding than the very low-res, choppy format that YouTube and Google Videos must needs resort to.

I should make a special version of JUST the 8 minutes of censored stuff, for alt.binaries.slack perhaps, if I can make it small enough and yet not too degraded. By that I mean video degradation. The behavior shown could not be any more degraded.

Steve Jackson's Illuminati New World Order SubGenius Game - Back in our Scatalog

This is a hundred-card non-collectible set from STEVE JACKSON GAMES,
written and designed by Steve Jackson and Ivan Stang, featuring over
100 full color art pieces provided by the greatest artists of
alt.binaries.slack. It can be played independently, or incorporated
within SJG's sprawling ILLUMINATI NEW WORLD ORDER universe of TOTAL

The set of 100 cards is usable by itself, and includes rules for a 4-
player common-deck game, using four Church of the SubGenius cards
(with different art, of course). Each represents a different faction
of the Church, fighting for control, Slack, and that unending flow of
dollars from the mindless Pinks. You can also drop other INWO cards
into a SubGenius game, or vice versa!

Here's a preview (from 1997)

Here's the Order Form

Here's 32 minutes of teX-Day 2005:

Friday, April 13, 2007

teX-DAY is STILL COMING, May 5 - NEW VIDEO online

May 5-6 weekend - teX-DAY III

Dragonz Wylde Ranch, near Austin, Texas, USA

Directions, tickets, and details are HERE at the teX-Day website.

I'll be there, as will host Loke E. Coyote, many bands, Sister Decadence, Princess Wei, Dok Frop, Launchings, Doktor Music, Sex Temple, maybe even THAT! More to be announced!

I have spent the last three days trying to cut the video of teX-Day 2005 into a decent promo -- and I SUCCEEDED! There is also a 40-minute uncensored version that I'll be posting in high res DivX to alt.binaries.multimedia.slack, and a 30-minute somewhat censored version that I'll post on Google Video a.s.a.p.

In the meantime, here's my DECENT PROMO! Well, as decent as YouTube will let it be, anyway.

If the teX-Day movie below won't play for you, try this link to it on YouTube.

Friday, April 06, 2007

teX-Day is Coming! - May 5 Weekend, Red Rock, Texas

This will be the third teX-Day! Here's a quickie promo video using pics from the first teX-Day:

More details at the NEW DEVIVALS PAGE on SubSITE
teX-Day Website

Saturday, March 10, 2007

IMPORTANT: Rev. Magdalen Child Custody Case -- Donations Needed!

I only send out bulk news releases like this when I feel it's IMPORTANT news for SubGenii. I don't want you to come to regard it as spam. So I'll go straight to the point, which may seem spamlike at first. Jesus and Magdalen Bevilacqua still need money -- $2,000 to be exact -- and you can contribute funds to their SubGenius child custody case now via this PayPal link:

Paypal donations can still be sent to

This nifty button takes you to the page for the Rev. Magdalen Legal Fund, where you can use a credit card OR PayPal to donate. The button shows what's been donated so far via

Click here to lend your support to: Reverend Magdalen Legal Fund and make a donation at !

Checks or other payments can be mailed to the attention of:
Rachel Bevilacqua
c/o Christopher S. Mattingly
Lipsitz Green LLP
42 Delaware Avenue
Suite 300
Buffalo, New York 14202-3857

UPDATE, March 12 -- Mike Gil has just written the best article about this case yet! Read it here.

If this is your first News email from the Church of the SubGenius, you might not be familiar with the tragic situation of Rev. Magdalen "Rachel" and Rev. Jesus "Steve" Bevilacqua, whose child was taken from them by a New York state family judge -- BECAUSE THEY ARE SUBGENIUSES.

I know this sounds ridiculous, and insane, like a made-up SubGenius prank, but if you suspect it might be one (HOW I WISH IT WERE!), here are links to newspaper and encyclopedia articles about it:

WIKIPEDIA News article about it

This feisty weekly from the Rochester area, The Beast, has the most scathing of many good articles about the case:

An excellent, somewhat more recent article is in the Cleveland Free Times:

Modemac's wikipedia page has the most detailed history of the case, with much more recent details, as well as the most complete collection of links:

You can find the various judges' actual comments there… to me, those are the most horrifying documents in the whole story. Obviously, what made the Salem Witch Hunts possible is still alive in New England.

To make a long story short, recently, after a very prolonged and difficult struggle, Rev. Magdalen won back custody of her child… only to have it again denied BEFORE SHE COULD EVEN SEE HIM by an "emergency stay order." This means that now the case must go to a higher court -- which is good, because it will be FIVE judges who aren't just yokels from that same small town, who managed to get themselves elected as family court judges. There is a good chance that, when the case is seen by educated people, Magdalen will regain full custody of her son.

One of the nightmarish aspects of this, however, is that, because the biological father supposedly has "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome," he has never had to work and is a trailer-court welfare case. This means that the state pays for his lawyers! But because the Bevilacquas each work the equivalent of two jobs, they have to PAY for their lawyers.

And they have to pay a new, DIFFERENT lawyer to handle the higher appellate court case.

From Rev. Magdalen:

"Basically, although I did win the case, it's now going to appeal. Orleans County has, of course, offered to pay all the expenses for my ex's appeals case, while I still have to pay for my appellate lawyers, which it turns out are different from regular lawyers and require a new $10,000 retainer to hire. I'll still be represented by the same firm, Lipsitz, Green, Scime, Cambria, but a different individual will be handling the case.

"We go before the Fourth Circuit Appellate Division on June 2, and then they will make their decision within 30 days of that. I am cross-appealing to ask that the parts of the decision forbidding me to make or keep SubGenius art inside my home, travel with my husband for his job, and homeschool my son, be struck down. Until then, my son has to stay with my ex, though I am supposed to get "extended visitation." So far, I have not yet been able to actually access that extended visitation, as my ex says it will take a court order in writing to make him comply, and all we have is a verbal order. I hope that will be straightened out soon.

"In the meantime, I'm getting some desperately-needed R&R with my husband, as my mother-in-law generously gave me a ticket to come see him in England, where he's been sent for work. I'll be here in the UK for the next three weeks, then back to the daily grind in New York, waiting in place for the decision to come through and trying to spend as much time as I can with my son.

"There was an incident that occurred during that brief day when I had won the case, but the appeal had not yet gone through, that is very hard for me to write about. The principal of my son's school, Mr. P_____, actually disobeyed my written and verbal instructions to keep my son at school so I could pick him up and have at least one night with him before the appeal was filed. Instead, Mr. P____, knowing I was literally on the way to get my son from his school, deliberately released my son to my ex, so when I got there he was gone. My ex took my son and disappeared with him that whole night, not returning my son until the appeal went through. I called my ex and begged him over cell phone to tell me at least where my son was, if he was still in the state or the country, or what, and he just laughed and said that I would never find them.

"It was the most horrible night of my life, and it was made so much worse by knowing that this did not have to happen, but Mr. P_____, who had been a witness in the case and was fully aware of the vicious hostility involved, chose to pick one parent over the other, directly in contradiction to the written order that I had sent him a copy of. I don't know what to make of it. I contacted the superintendent of Lyndonville Central Schools, and she refused to take any disciplinary action against Mr. P_____. My lawyer, Mr. Mattingly, is preparing a case for bringing charges against Mr. P_____, so I will update you all again when I know more about that. I know a lot of you are going through your own custody issues, so I thought you might like to know that this kind of flagrant abuse can happen—your children might not be as safe at school as you think they are.

"Anyway, that's about it for me, I hope all is well with all of you! My finances are still in extremely dire straits—I am $2,000 short of the retainer fee I need to proceed with my appellate lawyer, even after my father lent me his entire life savings as collateral on a loan, so if anyone feels motivated and has some extra cash, it would be so very much appreciated. Thank you all so much for everything, all your concern and support really has made the difference. I would have given up long ago and just spiraled into a fog of despair without all of you, so thank you, thank you, I can never thank you enough."


Magdalen added this in a personal letter to me:

"The appellate lawyer says he’s working on the case already as a courtesy, but he wants his retainer ASAP. I just don’t have it, and I can’t get it. My parents already shot their entire savings and maxed out their credit, and Steve and I did too, and now there’s nothing left for it but to beg the Internets and see if anyone would be willing to help out again, though I’m sure they’re sick of me whining.

"So far, this whole thing has cost us $73,000, and this new $10,000 charge on top of that is just the retainer, I’m sure the appellate lawyer will spend that all in no time and send me more bills as we get closer to June 2. So anyway, I was wondering if you could put out another email plea for money.

"…So hopefully, the appeals court will straighten everything out, give me back my boy, and set me free to go roam the earth with my husband and make whatever art I choose, as is my right as an American! But then, after following the Anna Nicole saga and seeing the way they treated her, I still don’t have a lot of confidence in the American legal system. I wish some of the candidates would make reforming it their hot-button issue!"


Rachel Bevilacqua

Finally, check out this mp3 audio clip from a national so-called "Christian" radio talk show: host Bob Larsen slandering people he knows NOTHING about:

Paypal donations can still be sent to

Checks or other payments can be mailed to the attention of:
Rachel Bevilacqua
c/o Christopher S. Mattingly
Lipsitz Green LLP
42 Delaware Avenue
Suite 300
Buffalo, New York 14202-3857

THE WHY A GOAT? SHIRT: The brave and hardy administrators of Taphouse IRC (the official IRC network of the Church of the SubGenius) have begun a fundraiser for Magdalen's legal fund, by producing T-shirts with a goat head logo and the quote "Why a goat?" (as was repeatedly asked by the original judge in this case). These shirts are being sold for $20, of which $8.10 of every sale will go directly to her legal fund. All help is appreciated, and every little bit helps. The URL for the fund-raiser is:

I promise the next report, which will come soon, will have lots of FUN news and reviews, and links to vast endless hours of SubGenius media Slack.