Monday, November 01, 2010

An Urgent Suggestion - VOTE (and some news)

On behalf of myself and no one else, I urge my fellow U.S.A. citizens to heed the message of last night's Hour of Slack show, and get out and vote on Tuesday. Sure, the System's broken, blah blah woof woof, but just listen to the careful reasoning (and readings from the SubGenius-Only forum, ScrubGenius) and give it some thought. But do it before Tuesday night.

Hour of Slack #1281 -- Live: Halloween Monster / November Election Special

"After some choice clips from past shows and collages concerning the world of monsters and politics, we continue to explore that theme, live in the studio, with Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Princess Wei 'R.' Doe, and Rev. Ivan Stang on blabberlips. We try not to get too clearly or overtly political on Hour of Slack, but in this particular episode, Rev. Stang lets out some steam that he has evidently been holding in for some time. Learn why The Monsters Are Coming to Maple Street and how to stop them."

On SubSITE: 2010 NYC Devival Reports, Photos, Audio of the Whole Show


That's what Princess Wei called this devival, because it really was like a good chunk of X-Day Drill at its best, only indoors. From my point of view it was one of the best devivals ever, on all counts. Turnout was great, venue was great, performances were great, sales were great, and best of all, unlike X-Day, I wasn't in charge. All I HAD to do was rant and perform a wedding!

You can hear/download the whole thing from the above-linked page. If you want you can also read an unreasonably detailed photo report by Princess Wei and myself about the quaintliness and quaintitudes we encountered on our road trip across Pennsylvania to and from the devival.




(scroll down to the SubGenius course by Stang)

The online class is in its fourth year at Maybe Logic Academy. We started on Oct. 25, but it lasts 6 weeks and all of the materials -- 3 data-DVDs worth of video, audio and documents (like all the STARK FISTS) from the early days of the Church until now -- are available the whole time. We're really just starting, and if you join now you won't have missed anything. Even the daily live chats are archived.

Nov. 13 -- Detroit Devival

With THE AMINO ACIDS, Rev. Ivan Stang, much more.

9 pm at Old Miami, 3930 Cass Ave., Detroit, MI

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