Saturday, September 10, 2005

Euro-Devivals set for November

HAMBURG Devival Weekend
Nov. 18, 19, 20th

Nov. 26-30

July 2006

Details on our Events page

Last year, thanks to Pope Jim of Brighton, Princess Wei and I were fortunate enough to do the Euro-Sub tour, and we had the time of our lives -- partly because we had already learned to expect the unexpected, particularly when following Pope Black, who is organizing the Hamburg weekend. The Amsterdam 'Frop Cup, however, is organized by NO ONE, and nothing is promised, so maybe nothing can go wrong.

Also, we have never met a Euro-Sub we didn't like. Probably we've just been lucky as hell.

If another demonic angel were to come along, we'd love to attend this year. But the angelic demons at Gription Clench donated an EXTREMELY nice computer, and my intention is to exploit that gift by editing the choice footage from the many past devivals, the 2004 Euro-tour, 8X-Day, teX-Day -- and eventually to dig way down into the vaults and start assembling a History of the Church of the SubGenius. This huge multimedia project would also involve a new book and an endlessly linked timeline on SubSITE. That should keep us busy here at the Foundation office for a few YEARS.

A reminder -- this "blog" part of SubSITE is really just for SubGenius product and event "spam." I still write rants and tirades about current events and people, but I prefer doing that in the interactive environment of alt.slack, where there's almost INSTANT negative feedback from equally ornery rant-writers. Some of it bleeds over into The Hour of Slack when we do those live, and the best of it is what I try to use in devivals or speaking engagements.

For years we tried to edit some of alt.slack and drag it over here for permanent installation, and we still do, but it's DAMNED hard to keep up with that exceedingly busy newsgroup!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

New SubGenius DVD just out


3 Sermons on The Word of "Bob"
by Rev. Ivan Stang
(sections co-written with Uncle Dr. Onan Canobite)


2 one-hour rants, covered by multiple cameras at Winterstar 2005 and Starwood 25 -- plus a short excerpt from the insane Detroit Devival of 2005.

The WINTERSTAR '05 rant takes place indoors at a fancy ski resort, with a smaller crowd, and is relatively informal. The sermon at STARWOOD 25 is presented with a special rearscreen projection of *Dobbsedeliasteses* before a large audience of neopagans at an outdoor festival. Unlike the diatribes and jermemiads delivered to dues-paying, ordained SubGenii at Devivals, these Stang-rants are not "preaching to the choir." Starwood and Winterstar audiences, being largely new to SubGenius doctrine, require a more explanatory, soft-sell approach. Also, unlike at Devivals, the audience is not trying to out-yell the preacher. Thus, these sermons make good watchable introductions for those relatively new to the Church.

The Detroit clip is more typical of what one might see at a true SubGenius devival -- delivered completely spontaneously in a rock-n-roll bar, between band set-ups.

Princess Wei "R." Doe shot parts of all shows; the Starwood segmant utilizes Andy Adamovich's multi-camera video coverage, and Dennis Murphy ran the second camera on Winterstar.

Winterstar and Starwood are produced by A.C.E. (

This is our first all-rant video.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Hour of Slack 1011 -- Live 9-4-05, Hurricane Katrina for mp3 and podcast for OGG and Log

Doing a live "funny" show after something like this is a challenge. Before the show, I scoured alt.slack for various SubGeniusful takes on the tragedy, and then culled out the notions that were too sick even for us. That meant removing many of iDRMRSR's inimitably grisly writings! But many more remained -- this is an unusually Sisterian show. (Or would that be "Sisternian"?) A Nensletic news report about the all-devouring Bush is recited with gusto. Even the tasteless IRC movie title list was scavenged (albeit edited). The copious collages by Norel Pref and LeMur (and lately, JOE) were mostly done before the disaster and relate mainly be coincidence, likewise the Rainmakers songs.

The Internet version of this particular show is 8 minutes longer than the air-play (PG-rated) version.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Hurricane-Area SubGenii -- Phone Home

We understand that you may have other things on your minds, such as they are, but if you get a chance, please email me - - so we can let your fellow SubGenii know if you're okay and if you need help. You might not have to be the refugee guest of Normals. The Slackermansion here in Cleveland is already full of refugees from Normality, but maybe there's a SubGenius family near you that could be of assistance.

We haven't come up with very much that's FUNNY about the disaster, but on alt.slack there is plenty of anger to be found, with the reminders that most of the budget for U.S. flood control was diverted into Iraq oil control a couple of years ago. That decision sure came back to bite The Conspiracy on the ass, although the decision-makers aren't the ones who'll suffer from it. They never are; Their eager Dupes do all the suffering. And the funny thing is, those Dupes always come back for more!

The Book of Life shows several hundred SubGenius ministers in LA, AB, MI and So. FL. We haven't heard from any of them yet.

In 1962, J.R. "Bob" Dobbs made a prediction. He said, "It's gonna be a bummer, man."

His Threat Rang True.