Thursday, September 15, 2011

VERY Heavily Revised SubSITE Page: SubG Blogs, Websites, Podcasts, YouTubes List

I've been at this (among other things) for days now, and, ASIDE FROM WHAT'S STILL MISSING, every link should work. MOST of them are "new" in that they weren't on this page before; 3/4 of what used to be there died and have been properly buried.


Branch Offices


Other SubGenius Websites

SubGenius Shops (unofficial)

E-Groups & Lists

Clenches & Schisms

War-Gods of AntiMusic (doktorbands)

SubGenius Radio on the Web

Since 1995 this list, and its categories, have mutated considerably. Before this week's monstro revision, Rev. Bucky was the last person to attack it, and that was years ago.

Just checking to make sure the links WORK takes an hour! FOLLOWING all the places these various sites lead, well, I'll leave that to those with a lot more spare time than I have.

I know that a lot of sites MUST be missing. For instance, the great SubGenius band THE AMINO ACIDS is not represented, because they technically broke up (except for SubGenius devival purposes). But... I don't know how many OTHER bands replaced them under bandleader Rev. Angry Larry!

I MUST SURELY have left out many important sites and forums with almost CRIMINAL negligence. WON'T YOU HELP? If I left yours out, EMAIL ME, damn it! "" isn't that hard to remember. Trying to keep up with 30 years' worth of Clenches has turned my remaining half-a-brain-cell to MUSH. ONLY YOU can fill in the holes in this Swiss Cheese of a SubGenius Internet List.

It's funny... I remember a time when all SubGenius spin-offs were printed on PAPER, and the list of THOSE was a 16-page document with TINY PRINT! QUIJIBO was, as far as I know, the last of those zines... and I can't find a Quijibo website now! (However, I DID scan almost all Church-related pages of all QUIJIBOs for the SubGenius History Class, which I've been considering turning into the SubGenius History PAY-PER-VIEW website.)

Meanwhile... won't you help out an old Sacred Scribe? I've asked around, and got a few new clues and hints and URLs, but I KNOW there's still a lot missing. If you know of something?... WHIP IT OUT.