Sunday, November 15, 2009

SubGenius News - Pre-Xistlessnessmess 2009

Friends, we have many exciting announcements of upcoming events, products to spam for Xmas, personal news, and links to freebies that will keep you entertained for hours, especially if you are a sick, twisted, cynical or otherwise SubGeniusly individual. Events first, because some are coming up soon.


Nov. 21st-26th, Amsterdam, Holland:

Frop Cup 2009 - Frop Cup vs. Cannabis Cup

Opening ceremonies will be at Cafe Mono Bilderdijkstraat 15, 1052 NA Amsterdam, Netherlands at 22.00 (10pm) on No.. 21st and the week's festivities include: Rantings, Frop outtings, drunken staggering contests, SubGenius Olympic Doping Committee Meetings, Spankings (tm), Vile Dancing, SexHurt, The Korsakoff.

If you'd like to attend please drop Pope Black an email:

November 28, Detroit, Michigan:


with THE AMINO ACIDS and many others

9:00 PM at SMALL'S BAR, Hamtramck, MI -- ALL AGES - $6!

Nov. 28, Dec. 5, 12, & 19, Chicago, IL:


with Pope Michael Flores

8 p.m. each night weekly at THE LIAR'S CLUB, 1665 W Fullerton, Chicago IL

Feb. 12 - 14 Atwood Lake Lodge, Dellroy OH:

Winterstar Symposium

With Rev. Ivan Stang, Witch Disco, Harvey Pekar (?)



A SALE at is a rare event. But, just for this holiday season, we refrained from raising our prices. Yes, after Xmas you'll never be able to get anything in our catalog so cheaply again. So hurry!


SIGN UP NOW AND BE AN ORDAINED MINISTER! It only takes a minute and you'll get a huge 26-part package of stuff. These make GREAT Xmas gifts, especially for people who have never heard of The Church of the SubGenius! Perform marriages, funerals, circumcisions.

Some of our most popular items (like Book of the SubGenius) are already temporarily sold out, but our celebrated books Revelation X and The Psychlopaedia of Slack are still in stock (and all signed by Rev. Stang), as are all our DVDs, CDs, MP3-packed CDRs, even the SubGenius-Illuminati-NWO game box set and "Bob" condom packs.

Our main BULLDADA CATALOG includes those most sacred and in-demand goods:

And there is another catalog with zillions of colorful SubGenius designs on T-shirts, mugs, clocks, thongs, hoodies, house wares, gifts, toys, posters, bumper stickers, stash-boxes, you name it, at THE SUBGENIUS STORE:

For the SubGenius who has everything, The Official 2010 SubGenius Calendar is out! It's not especially cheap, but the paper it's printed on is slicker than snot on a doorknob:

DobbsHead and the Wings of Slack designs are now both available on deluxe black hoodies from our pals at Anticonformity.

The great bulldada company Archie McPhee is now offering:

The J. R. "Bob" Dobbs Messenger Bag

This large, sturdy sacred stash bag features “Bob's" portrait on thick faux canvas and has adjustable nylon Big Black Straps! -- the kind men like.



Portland Devival Videos and Report

Puzzling Evidence TV covered the spectacular SubGenius show in Portland last month, and it's all on YouTube. Links, stills, and a full write-up are at:

While we're at it, Rev. Stang's YouTube page is

and a great SubGenius stash is at

We have a new favorite online magazine that has lately surpassed the old STARK FIST and even QUIJIBO in pure fun:

Kern's Holler Journal

This is Rev. Tater's ongoing compendium of the best rants, reports, poems and short stories by the top SubGenius writers and experts in The Forbidden Sciences. Includes some of the best of alt.slack by rip-snorters like Rev. Back It On Up, Rev. Stang, and good old Tater Gumfries hisself.

The Bob Belt

This is another of Tater's projects, and works with Google Earth. Go to this site and add to the list your fancy Church name and vague or fictional location (exact address not necessary!). Displays a graphic of Planet Earth with "pushpins" showing areas of concentration of SubGenius life: the "Bob" Belt. (Hint: Give this one extra time to load.)

For a homey look at Rev. Stang's and Princess Wei's Halloween see:

Halloween at the Slackermansion



Hour of Slack Archives

NEW! - an ever-growing archive of hundreds of uncut Hour of Slack radio shows from the 1990s, copied from the original tapes to MP3, thanks to St. David Bachner:

"All SubGenius, all the time!"

NEW - "Bob's" Golden Stream Resurrected

Random SubGenius shows streamed 24-7 -- includes Hours of Slack (going back 20 years), Puzzling Evidence, "Bob's" Slack Time Funhouse, National Cynical, much more! From Rev. NeuroManson.

Latest Hours of Slack and archive of shows from Con Year 2000 on:

Home Subscription Hour of Slack CD mailings:



Good News About Rev. Magdalen's Child Custody Case!


"As of October 4, 2009, the case has been dismissed and custody of Reverend Magdalen's son has been awarded to her. This appears to mean that after over three years of legal wrangling and over $100,000 in costs to her, Magdalen, her husband, and her ex-boyfriend are back to the status quo. That, plus she is still the only SubGenius officially banned from keeping SubGenius materials in her home, where her innocent son might accidentally come across them and become corrupted into the corrupt, obscene, decadent SubGenius cult that got his Mom into trouble in the first place."



Elect Dr. Hal for Congress 2010!

This will also lead you to the large Facebook realm of SubGeniuses.



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