Monday, June 26, 2006

9X-Day Report ALREADY online via Time Control - also, 6XDay video

Hour of Slack 1054 - 9X-Day Report Via Time Control

MP3 download, podcast:

OGG VORBIS and alternate MP3:

And on alt.binaries.multimedia.slack:

See the Hour of Slack page on SubSITE for list of 20 broadcast stations in the U.S. and Canada:

There is ALREADY A REPORT ON 9X-Day -- the whole thing, in this live show from WCSB's studio. Rev. Stang and Lonesome Cowboy Dave, exhausted after having just gotten back into town after 9X-Day, report on the bizarre events that took place at Brushwood, including the Time Control classes which make this pre-debriefing possible.

The show also includes the following pre-recorded collages and X-Day songs:

LeMur: PR_Gnus1301 00:23
LeMur: HOS_Intro643 00:26
LeMur: PopBob_ Song #1006 00:09
El Queso All-Stars: This is the Hour of Slack 02:41
The Billy Nayer Show: Montage Instrumental (background) 02:11

Lonesome Cowboy Dave live: SubGenius Anthem 01:10
Billy Nayer Show: Hopping On Ceres Theme (background) 02:06

KirkendahlVoid: "Plan 69 from Outer Space" 03:50

St. N and Hellena Handbasket: "It's the End of the World" 03:59
Nanslo: Take Me Off to Space 02:12

Ouroborus ReX: "X-Day" 04:53
Bill T. Miller: "X-Day's-a-comin'" 04:07

Sivet Stang: "I'm "Bob's" Own" PG 02:46

Billy Nayer Show:
Background music: Hippsaqidix, Edfred, Lonesome Cowboy Dave

6X-DAY 23 minute video (very high quality) is currently downlaodable from alt.binaries.multimedia.slack:

This is a very good mpeg2 (DVD quality) copy of the barrage-edited 6X-Day documentary. The one that was on Google Video until it was banned for nakedity was much shorter (and, of course, low-res like any streaming video). This will play on most DVD players when burned to CD-R. It's about 450 mb, posted in a couple of dozen RAR sections that can be reassembled using the PAR file to make the complete file.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


The SCHEDULE for the End of the World is now online:

If you missed the MAIN information about 9X-Day, such as the horrifying events on the planet Jupiter which are due to climax on July 4, see

Pre-registrations are higher than last year, and we're expecting a good turnout (considering gas prices). It's looking to be fewer old timers -- they must be dying off, or having kids -- and a lot more newcomers. For all we know, these newcomers may all be 80-year-olds. But we suspect they are mostly younger. SubGenii are coming to Brushwood from such remote locales as Germany and Florida.

The bands and guest preachers are all still as advertised -- The Billy Nayer Show, The Amino Acids, Dr. Howll, etc.

I am hoping to have some new video to show, newer than "PRESCRIPTURES 35:9" or whatever I called it and "SubGenius Numa Numa Song"... but we'll for sure have sneak previews of the new SubGenius book floating around, taped to the bathroom stalls, floating in the pond, etc.

The new book, SubGenius Psychlopaedia of Slack Vol. 1 - THE BOBLIOGRAPHON, is due out in October/November. We just finished final revisions and are hoping to see galley copies soon. Meanwhile, I have my own home print-out and a marvelous PDF of it. I am very happy with it and so are the publishers, Thunder's Mouth Press/Avalon. We have not gotten a response back about the book from J.R. "Bob" Dobbs himself yet, however.

IF for some reason the Earth planet (so-called) is still here and functioning after July 5, and if we're still on it, we get to CONTINUE the insane celebrations at Brushwood two weeks after X-Day, for ANOTHER week, at STARWOOD... only, Starwood isn't SubGeniuses-only. Instead, it is a place to meet and trade with unsaved believers of other cults. Many SubGeniuses go so far as to MATE with them. This is a good way to convert people! Princess Wei is heavily involved in organizing Starwood, and I am hosting a devival there on the main Saturday afternoon. Between getting ready for the world to end, and also for it NOT to end just in CASE, We/I are plenty busy.

Rev, Magdalen's important new custody hearing with a new judge happens June 23, and we're all eagerly waiting to hear the results. However it turns out, she AND Jesus will be at 9X-Day... as will THE FAMOUS DEADLY GOAT MASK ITSELF!

I'm sure there's some other important news, but you are actually more likely to find BREAKING SUBGENIUS NEWS at ALT.SLACK. Good luck distinguishing between the SubGenii and the insane trolls! -- when there IS a distinction.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

New SubGenius Book 'THE BOBLIOGRAPHON' Finished

I finished the final layout tweakings, art credits, etc., and got the master to the publishers only 6 hours after the May 31 deadline!

And you can already buy copies! It's just that your copy won't EXIST until October or so. Check out The SubGenius Psychlopaedia of Slack - THE BOBLIOGRAPHON on
This was one of the most PLEASURABLE jobs I have ever done, despite the grueling schedule and short deadline. Princess Wei and I are very happy with the final product. THANKS (and eventual royalty checks) to the dozens of artists and writers who contributed!

Who include, as follows: Dr. Philo U. Drummond • Uncle Dr. Onan Canobite • Nenslo • IMBJR • Dr. G. ­Gordon Gordon • Heart Ignition • Mr. ­Fernandinande LeMur • Princess Wei “R.” Doe • Rev. Espira • St. Paul Mavrides • Dr. Hal Robins • Satellite Weavers • Father Joe Mama • Rev. Christopher Lee • Rev. Nu-Monet • Jesus Devilacqua • Dr. K’taden ­Legume • Rev. ­Susie the Floozy • Rev. Carter ­LeBlanc • Artemia Salina • Rev. Mary Magdalen • Dave ­DeLuca • Rev. John ­Shirley • Modemac • Rev. Nanzi Regalia • Rev. Joe Cosby • St. Byron Werner • Puzzling Evidence • Popess Lilith von Fraumench • Ignatz Topolino • J. Vandewalker • Dok Frop • Lemuel Atom • Rev. Alliekatt • Polar Bear • Rev. Nickie Deathchick • St. Stymie DeBergerac • Dr. Ahmed Fishmonger • Sosodada/AssCo • Sternodox • Rev. Mark ­Mothersbaugh • Peter Hipwell • Pope Charles • Pope of Berea • Atom Funway • St. Joe Riley • iDRMRSR • Phineas Narco • Frater SODDI • Sister Decadence • Poindexter • Friday Jones • Brad Parks • Doeroadx • A. Tuttle • P. Larsen • M. Carey • J. ­Graham • Scott Orsi • ­Michael Peppe • ­Pastor Bedtime • J. Cobblestone • M. Doscher • Pope Phil Monty • Champion Jack Codini • Enki • Crypts • L. ­Minatti • S. Kristensen • Rev. ErRoR • HdMrs. Salacia • H. ­MacAdams • Zontar • J. Miller • DougW • ­Allosaur • Winkie Emoticon • Rev. Farrago • D. Silk • ­Magna-3 • Sr. Melodious Chopps • St. Marc • Kimsker • Subvorkian • Minitru • Edfred • KRK Ryden • M. Marren • Delirus • Rev.Freeman • Eric Moore • Juan Forderode • Deivid’s Thang • Unknown SubGenius •