Monday, September 28, 2009

SubGenius Foundation Report - Sept. 2009

The Stark Fist of Removal Online

Dear Friend,

Praise "Bob," and let us utter a resounding "WHEW." We at The SubGenius Foundation had a very busy summer, with numerous SubGenius devivals and outdoor festivals, and we're looking forward to spending more time in the office, finishing up numerous projects-in-progress. BUT! -- there is one last devival this year.

PORTLAND, OREGON Devival, October 10

This promises to be a classic old-time Devival, with guest preachers Dr. Hal, Rev. Ivan Stang, Dr. Philo Drummond, Princess Wei R. Doe and The Duke of Uke joining hosts Dr. Onan Canobite and Rev. Crawford Smith. (In other words, the main authors of the SubGenius books will almost all be in one place.) There are also three bands and Dobbs only knows what else. Address and lots more detail can be found at

Past Devivals: Photo Galleries and Audio

We had big fun and recorded much audio and video at the recent DragonCon in Atlanta, DEVOtional in Cleveland and Starwood Festival in New York. Sermons, songs, and much much worse can be heard on current HOURS OF SLACK in MP3 (and possibly on your local station -- check the list at the link). Photos, and in some cases videos, from the various devivals and stage shows can be seen via links on our EVENTS page. CAREFUL: some of these photos are naughty and what might be considered 'NOT SAFE FOR WORK.' DVDs of some of our past shows can also be found in our video catalog.

Events page:


Hour of Slack downloads:


Video catalog:

12X-Day and Starwood photo essays:

Great New SubGenius Spin-Off Website: Kern's Holler Journal

This is an ongoing compendium from Rev. Tater Gumfries of the best articles and short stories by the top SubGenius writers and experts in The Forbidden Sciences. Very "down-home!" Don't miss it, and check in frequently for new stories: KERN'S HOLLER JOURNAL:

New Projects at SubGenius Foundation

We're getting tired of the Internet. It's been almost 20 years for some of us. The thrill is gone. We are back to working on books and movies. We intend to keep doing the weekly Hour of Slack for broadcast (and Internet) but are looking for a SubGenius with pay-website experience to help with In the meantime, check out our main Internet forum:


(It can also be reached with any Usenet browser if you have Usenet access.)

Alt.slack is the busiest online SubGenius meeting place by far. It is also the most kook-ridden, which makes for the finest in kook bashing by some of the top experts in that field. This is where to find links to several new SubGeniusly items of interest per day.

Best New SubGenius Products - Books, DVDs, Clothing

Our main BULLDADA CATALOG includes the latest of our 5 books. Did we mention that all books sold through our website are signed by Rev. Ivan Stang?

And there is another catalog with zillions of colorful SubGenius designs on T-shirts, house wares, gifts, stash-boxes, you name it, at THE SUBGENIUS STORE:


It only takes a minute! SIGN UP NOW AND BE AN ORDAINED MINISTER! Perform marriages, funerals, circumcisions!