Wednesday, July 14, 2010

13X-Day Drill, Starwood 30 Survived; Backed-Up Orders Filled

We are back in the SubGenius Foundation offices at the Slackermansion in Cleveland Heights, after two weeklong outdoor festivals in a row, plus days of packing and unpacking. Full reports on X-Day 13 and Starwood 30 will follow, but we want our beloved customers to know that all of the orders for books, ordainments, etc. that came in since June 29 have now been filled and the products are in the mail.

13X-Day is being called "the best X-Day Drill yet" by most of the attendees. Obviously, had the Xist saucers come and the Rupture happened, it would have been much better, but we're beginning to suspect that "Bob's" point may be that X-Day could happen AT ANY TIME - so you had better get Slack now. I know that I am happy with the hours of recordings I brought home, thanks to the great bands and ranters, and to Pater Nostril, who recorded it all. I will probably be combing through all that audio for the next ten Hours of Slack.

We are still editing our own photos, because we are very picky, but many other X-Day attendees have already posted theirs. You can find links to all of these various photo collections at Modemac's 13X-Day Facebook page:

Many SubGenii have also posted their text reports on 13X-Day at the Members-only ScrubGenius group. Some are also posted on alt.slack, our older, unmoderated and kook-riddled forum. I will attempt to copy those reports and gather them in a 13X-Day section on soon. Anybody is welcome to email me their pictures, writings etc. if they want to be sure and see them archived for eternity at

The Starwood Festival's 30th anniversary event was held at a new site, Wisteria, that is even prettier than Brushwood, and while attendance was down (as expected, considering the blow Starwood was dealt by its new competition), the event went beautifully. People are describing it as the most fun Starwood in several years. The devival, along with some great music by Rev. Phat Man Dee and others, will be heard on Hour of Slack in due time and possibly in multiple installments. We won't be posting quite as many photos from Starwood as from X-Day, because there was a lot more nudity (and more strangers and innocent bystanders).

We'll announce the links as soon as our big reports and photo galleries are done. Meanwhile, those who ordered SubGenius goods between June 29 and July 14 should be seeing the swag in their mailboxes by July 17 (or maybe a few days later for the overseas customers).

Praise "Bob," and praise all the SubGenii and other weirdos who made both the main SubGenius event and the USA's foremost neopagan festival such successes.

P.S. There is now an official SubGenius Foundation Facebook page: