Friday, December 29, 2006

SubGenius sacred book REVELATION X reprinted!

The Book of the SubGenius and The SubGenius Psychlopaedia of Slack - The Bobliographon are once again joined on bookstore shelves by the second of the SubGenius trilogy of "Bobles," REVELATION X - THE BOBAPOCRYPHON!

ORDER IT NOW FROM AMAZON.COM FOR ONLY $12.86 (a $6.06 ("b0b") savings!

Of our three main holy books, this one is my favorite. Paul Mavrides and I strove against titanic forces and insane odds to make sure it did justice to the richness of “Bob’s” teachings and to the slavishness of his minions, the dozens of artists and writers who were sacrificed to it. Originally published by Simon & Schuster, an actual conspiracy (albeit a small one) kept it from being properly promoted, and it has been out of print since 1998... UNTIL NOW!!

The visionaries at Thunder’s Mouth Press (Avalon) have now brought out this new edition. Although it is nearly identical to the first edition, 20 pages have been updated, and the printing quality is actually improved. It’s the same physical size as The Book of the SubGenius – 8.5” x 11” – but is even more densely packed over more pages. Contributors include not only SubGenius luminaries such as Dr. Hal Robins, PissBaptist John Shirley, Dr. Philo Drummond, Dr. G. Gordon Gordon, St. Paul Mavrides, etc., but also such world-esteemed graphic artists as Gilbert Shelton, Robert Williams, Mark Bode, and many more.

The reason we are directing buyers to (or your local bookstore) instead of the SubGenius catalog is because we didn’t expect it to be out before Xmas… and we’re out of the office for the holidays. Just before we left the Cleveland Heights corporate headquarters (“The Slackermansion”), a box of the books unexpectedly arrived from the publishers! As soon as we are back in the factory facility and able to fill orders, it will be added to the Bulldada Time Control online catalog. We don’t particularly advertise this fact, but all SubGenius books sold through that catalog are autographed by at least one of the authors – usually me.

For the holidays, we are operating out of the Stang Family Historical Church Compound (a renovated old stone fortress) just outside Stangville in Stang County, Texas. The online SubGenius History course with Maybe Logic Academy – -- is in a week-long holiday break, but will resume January 2, when we will post links to audio and video classis from the 1990-1994 period (already uploaded before we left our high tech Cleveland facility).

The 50 students who signed up for that course are getting way more than they bargained for. Along with thousands of scans of old Stark Fists, letters, photos, newsletters, art and other documents, they’ve also gotten ALL of the old Church music and media barrage albums, plus a number of extremely rare videos and recordings that have never been released anywhere else. And, they’re getting it all EXPLAINED to them by yours truly. Meanwhile, they are also being very slightly guided through the creation of their own custom-made mind control cults. In fact, I’m starting to have misgivings about having helped sponsor so much of our own FUTURE COMPETITION!

Best of all, once this first 8 week course has been finished, we will be able to offer it again every year, and each time I’ll be able to layer in a little more detail. For that matter, since all the course material will stay in place throughout the whole 8 weeks, a person could join at any time between now and January 20, and still be able to read and download all of the course materials – although it might take you a week just for the downloading, since it already fills almost 3 DVDs. (All for only $95!)

Many have asked what became of the SubGenius child custody case involving the Bevilacquas. THE NEW JUDGE STILL HASN’T MADE A DECISION. If what was intended was mental torture of the parents and child, that has been accomplished. The decision was supposed to happen in September, but lawyerly evil has been evoked to keep prolonging the agony.

We hope the new year will bring good news for Magdalen and Jesus. Princess Wei and myself are going for double the Slack in the meantime, hopefully storing some extra up for the Bevilacquas for when they are finally able to access any Slack at all.

My daughter Sivet is engaged to be married in June; her fiancé passed The Baseball Bat Test when I met him for the first time this week. He hardly even felt the blow! Also in June, I will be performing the wedding ceremony of Foundation loyee, Rev. Nickie Deathchick and her fiancé Bob Wild. And Dr. Philo Drummond and his new child bride, Rev. Kaosmic Bobcat, are raising their own newborn Uberbaby. Just the SubGenius Foundation staff ALONE is making sure the SubGenius beautant population continues to grow.

And, now that we again have THREE of our SubGenius Sex Manuals in stores worldwide, we anticipate a “Mutant Baby Boom” that will help make the promise of X-Day come true, whether “Bob” and the Xists themselves ever get their act together or not.