Friday, May 04, 2012

SubGenius Family Vacation 2011-2012, 15 X-Day, Dorkus

Some readers may have noticed that although I enjoy posting endless tl:dr rantings and anecdotes to the Ministers-only ScrubGenius forum on a daily basis, I hate "blogging," and put things on this page only to advertise something, when I HAVE to. Current spam follows.

Some nice people offered to pay me for blogging, so I have sent some of my better ScrubGenius posts and some really old ones from alt.slack when it was still, well, a SubGenius group, to RAW STORY for their new blog page CULTURE CLUTCH, which already features the great Dr. Hal Robins. None of my, er, "blogs" are posted yet but will be soon. Much of it concerns my personal ShorDurPerSavs outside of the Church, like protozoans, geologically surreal landscapes, monsters, and hiking trail restrooms.



We are only one-third of the way through this project, as our winter "vacations" last 3 months now. (I pack my office into the back of the iVan.) But I'm running audio clips from it on Hour of Slack, so it's time to post the photos of what I'm talking about on the show. There is a "best-of" section at the front for those people busy enough to not wade through the whole thing. On the other hand, if you are interested in Southwestern desert landscapes, rotting buildings, and strange names and logo-art of local beers, you might love all of it.  


We have already pointed you to the main 1X-Day XV pages, but Dr. Legume has created some new videos on that subject that are worth seeing and possibly highly offensive:

The Uninvited SubGenius With the Small Hairy Penis
A Trip To SubGenius Heaven - The Director's Cut  

Lonesome Cowboy Dave's New Book

Actually it is by Dave and his old buddy Wes Jenkins (heard on Hour of Slack decades ago!): DORKUS AND THE AFFAIRS OF LORD WILLING It is only available as 3 kinds of e-books, not yet as a printed physical book. I bought the PDF because that's the one anyone can read, even me. There is also a video!

 Here is the accurate blurb: ENDLESS YARNS! GRIPPING GRAPHICS! ! TITILLATING TINTYPES! A Novel by Dave Deluca & Wes Jenkins. Set in the heart of the Brutish Empire and the uncivil belly of Merika of the 1860's, this is a bumpy tale of a twisted aristocrat, who is conducting sovereign-sanctioned ergot experiments on his entourage, who in turn are controlled by dark and fatuous forces. Dickens meets Jules Verne in Dada soaked Victoriana. Available exclusively in EBOOK format from Puzzled Squirrel Press. Visit Puzzled Squirrel Press for more details. Now also available from iBooks!