Saturday, July 23, 2011

14X-Day Official Report Now on SubSITE (but growing)

This version has two main photo sections besides the text report:

1) Photos by Stang-Doe, now carefully identified in file names and selected in order by day, several with MP3 soundtracks -- but only from Wednesday night, the only jam we had to work from until today, and the Hour of Slack first part from Thursday. More audio (plus videos) will be added as we sort through the various choices of recordings).

2) Photos by various other SubGenii, most of them collected fom Facebook and thus mostly chronologically random due to FB's renaming of photo files. I went to exactly as much trouble to make sideways shots upright as the original posters did. I did however remove the shots that were so amateurish that there was no image at all, and those so out of focus that they might as well have been shot and posted by a Pink. Ordinary photos of ordinary-looking people eating at picnic tables were likewise removed (unless their timing was dramatic.)

3) Lists of more 14X-Day stashes of photos, audio, YouTubes.

4.) The Bobbie Awards list. Shots of Bobbie Awards recipients begin here:

What the report lacks is the gigabytes we will cull from the 23 hours of DV video, as well as most of the audio. That material will take literally weeks to sort through for Hour of Slack and YouTube use.

We retain the hottest nude shots for private trading.

Next: The endless track-division of the dozens of 2-hour audio files, and the work of making the videotapes presentable even for SubGenii.