Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Book of the SubGenius back in stock

Despite efforts by The Conspiracy of All Dumbasses to keep our books from us, Bulldada Time Control Laboratories has procured a black market shipment of CHERRY copies of The Book of the SubGenius, Seventeenth Printing. Copies go fast. The Third Testament, Revelation X, is out of print, and copies are going for $25 to $30 if you can find them at all. Those cool Skull"Bob" shirts we were selling last week? GONE FOREVER. This could happen to The Book of the SubGenius at any second, so... well, you know what to do. Start saving up those bottlecaps.

Book of the SubGenius catalog listing: : http://subgenius.com/scatalog/books.htm

Monday, March 21, 2005

Detroit Devival photos uplifted

The Detroit Devival of 2005 was a fountain of Slack for me personally and a fountain of money for the Church and Dobbs. In some ways it was more like a sprung fire hydrant of Slack. I haven't dealt with the video yet (nor most of my email) but I did cull down, crop and crib the photos that Princess Wei took. Those and several great ones by Rev. Joy D'Veeve are now on SubSITE and alt.binaries.slack. PRABOB, and PRAISE THE AMINO ACIDS, who were really the instigators of this DIVINE MESS!
PHOTOS: http://subgenius.com/bigfist/fun/devivals/Detroit_3-19-05/index.html

aka http://tinyurl.com/54hmn

Friday, March 18, 2005



This service shows great potential for helping SubGeniuses locate each other. I have no doubt that it will lead to many sexings, friendships, and bitter fights!


Pope David Lee Black says of it: “I have discovered at least 10 UNKNOWN Euro-SubGenii in 1 day through this site. I implore you to go to this site, join the London clench I created, one of the other EuroSubG clenchs, OR CREATE YOUR OWN for you respective country or town.” Also good for kook-hunting, pagan-peeking, Discordian discovering.

Last night my Usenet newsgroup service, Giganews.com, started offering our new movies and audio group, ALT.BINARIES.MULTIMEDIA.SLACK. I actually jumped around and sang weird chants, alarming Princess Wei, I was so happy. PRAISE MODEMAC, who got the ball rolling. It’s already on EasyNews, Supernews (I think) and Verizon. You may have to pester your service to start offering it. They won’t add it automatically. Anyway, I posted the following in SVCD-ready MPEG2: The SubGenius Commercial, The X-Day Commercial, Bolex Bros.’ Day of the SubGenius, Codini’s Intermission and Adventures in Teen Life, Onan’s Confession, and the intense documentary by the late Danish SubGenius, Sverre Kristensen, Something New to Die For. These are kick-ass quality copies, almost as good as the ones on our DVDs.


Well, a hell of a ShorDurPerSav, anyway. I looked at this, turned to Wei and said, "I want to MARRY THEM." My friend Rev. Jim Blanchard turned me on to this.

Done by OKIES! More "Doktor" than Doktors 4 "Bob"! BEYOND fucked up.

“Christian Pirate Pussies.” They're pirates, but they're Christians, and they are vaginas. Vaginas with arms and legs, except for the captain, who has a peg-leg, and the vagina in the crow's nest, which has tits. The Southpark guys will be cutting off THEIR OWN FINGERS in jealousy! After viewing this movie, check out

Even YOUR lower jaw will hit the floor. This is the most stark take on 9-11 I've seen since "I LIKE TO WATCH." Every other animator is a WEENIE compared to this person or persons!

Then hit their main page, http://thorrific.com/ and go to the graphics section. Click on "HUMMERS ARE BAD ASS." These people are REAL. THIS IS *REAL* ART. On the same page, look at "BEEF BEEF BEEF." It will FUCK YOU UP GOOD.

The PHOTO GALLERY is likewise full of marvels. This guy (?) has a fine eye for po’buckerdom. Wei and I spent an hour at least going through this stuff. Great for family togetherness. Gather the kids around and enjoy quality family viewing time.

And the BEST NEWS OF THE DAY: yet another Conspiracy False “Bob” gets karmic payback. Don't fuck wit de "BOB".
Enzyte "Male Enhancement" Company BUSTED


The ARCHIVE OF ALT.SLACK from JANUARY is now up at the Online Stark Fist, thanks to Rev. Fenian and Rev. Paco, who have spelled me in the saving and organizing of it.

Now, to celebrate, go to subgenius.com/scatalog/new_crap.htm

See you there, or at The Detroit Devival at The Magic Stick tomorrow night!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


We don't like to abuse our privileges by spamming you. So we only spam you every now and then. This is one of those NOWs. We need some $ for gas to get to the Detroit Devival this weekend. That and the new structural additions to The Slackermansion.

The following THIRTEEN new products are SUDDENLY in the Bulldada Time Control SubGenius Website Catalog -- http://www.subgenius.com/scatalog/new_crap.htm

Even if you're completely broke, you'll probably enjoy looking at the PACKAGING ART. Click on small product shots to get BIG views of the front and back graphics, which include some spectacular recent work by LeMur, Heart Ignition, iDRMRSR, IMBJR, Espira and others.


Tree of Knowledge Poster (Huge slick color poster, by Mavrides/Stang - LIMITED SUPPLY)

Skull-Bob Black T-Shirt (VERY limited supply - 2 each of large, medium, XL - art by Espira)

Bumper Sticker: I'M MAD TOO, "BOB"(Large 12" weatherproof vinyl)

Media Barrage 3 CD - "Sex, Sickness and Slack" (This 1981 classic is SubG album is currently on alt.binaries.slack in MP3 -- but if you "can't download," you CAN BUY.)

12 Hours of Slack MP3 VOLUME 19 CDR (Excellent copies of shows up through #985, which hasn't even aired yet. This is a VERY GOOD cross-section and great sampler!)

12 Hours of Slack MP3 VOLUME 18 CDR

65 Hours of Slack in MP3 & OGG CDR (Lower-res versions of shows from #888 to 952 - some mono MP3, some low stereo Ogg Vorbis format -- quite a value for $15)

Hour of Slack LIVE MP3 Stash 2 CDR (A year's worth of just the live parts of the shows, mostly in-studio ranting and jive talk with background music and effects)

2004 EuroSubTour Devival & Radio Remix MP3 CDR (The equivalent of a 3 CD set - culled from the clips used on Hours of Slack)

6X-Day (plus 6 shorts) DVD (Include 62-minute edit of 6X, plus 2 music videos, the X-Day ad, Bug Porn, and 1955 home movies of "Bob"!

Uncut World of the Future (with 4 shorts including "The Human Animal") DVD

Hour of Slack in OGG VORBIS Vol. 4 CDR (22 shows (#956- 975) in GOOD quality stereo

58 Hours of Slack in OGG-lo CDR (ALL the existing lower-resolution (but still stereo) Ogg Vorbis versions of shows from # 930 to 988 - actually I won't have this one ready to mail out until April, as 988 isn't produced yet!)

I, Stang am most relieved to have these various items finally finished and moveable. They've been STACKING UP around here, like my email, and the hair-balls in the carpet around my office chair.


anigif by solar-max

Saturday, March 12, 2005


Do you want to post art, brags, rants to your fellow SubGenii, but are unwilling or unable to weather the rigors of alt.slack and alt.binaries.slack on Usenet?

BUT, already burned through all of the SubGenius Yahoo and MSN Groups?* (see below for list)

Here’s something NEW to die for:


"SubGenius Reverend" is the name of this all-purpose SubBlog, begun by nu-monet but open to contributors of text, graphics, and sounds.

Anyone can leave comments appended to subjects, but to be able to start new subjects, you must be a “Blogger” member – to sign up, email your preferred username, password and email addy to: nu_monet@yahoo.com

Here’s something more organized – in fact, potentially INSANELY organized.

Announcing The High Weirdness Project, a SubGenius wikipedia:


Including: The Bulldada News Blog:

And: SubGenius Badfilm Reviews Blog

Thanks to Modemac, you the visitor can add your own movie reviews. As he says, “You don't have to do an exhaustive essay on the symbolism of the underlying metaphor and the deeper meaning of why you enjoyed seeing Thora Birch show us her boobs in "American Beauty" (though it helps).”

For the past three years, Rev. Modemac has been involved with Wikipedia, contributing to that site's success. Lately, he has set up this working wiki at his own site, so as to allow for faster, easier edits... and to allow contributions from visitors.

It’s now open for mutants, SubGenii, Discordians, pagans, blasphemers, and other unmentionables far and wide to visit, read, and make their own contributions. For fellow mutants of the Church of the SubGenius, Modemac also offers you your own page on the Wiki, with links to your Web site or whatever sites you want to promote. Feel free to add your links to any parts of the page you find appropriate -- Other Mutants, Music, Books and Zines, Sex, or what have you.

Modemac says, “I founded the First Online Church of "Bob" as a way of opening people's eyes to the truth about the Conspiracy, so as to bring them Slack and achieve my own Slack in return. Here's hoping that the High Weirdness Project inspires you to make your own mark on the world.”

All of this is also accessed through Modemac’s sprawling, and now majorly updated, website:

First Online Church of "Bob"

…probably the second most extensive SubGenius site in existence besides SubSITE… YET COVERING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ASPECTS OF THE CHURCH! – such as the incredible stash of newspaper articles about the Church dating back to 1980:


Here’s the official Wikipedia SubGenius section:


Here’s a way to see and hear much of alt.binaries.slack without any special newsreader programs, just simply your web browser:


or http://tinyurl.com/6pe5j



Alt.binaries.slack has been, and remains, home to original SubGenius art and small video or MP3 audio clips. To post the many SubGenius videos, however, which are CDR-sized files, we have been using various existing newsgroups like alt.binaries.monter-movies and alt.binaries.movies.divx. WE NEEDED OUR OWN NEWSGROUP FOR THE POSTING OF DVD-SIZED MOVIES, whole Hours of Slack, etc.

IT IS CREATED, praise Modemac, and stuff has been posted to it, but that doesn’t mean that YOUR ISP CARRIES IT! In fact, mine doesn’t yet, and I don’t even use my local ISP for newsgroup access, but a specialty service called Giganews -- which carries pretty much EVERYTHING on ALL newsgroups.

But folks must let their newsgroup source KNOW that they want a particular new newsgroup, or it won’t get picked up. The more ISPs and newsgroup carriers like Newsguy that use it, the more thorough its coverage will be.

SO! Take a second for future Slack and email support@(your-isp.com) and ask them to carry the Usenet newsgroup, alt.binaries.multimedia.slack.

AND/OR, if you use Giganews, OR ARE MERELY THINKING OF USING IT SOMEDAY, go ahead and request it of them – they have a form for newsgroup requests and it’s real easy:






For some time there’s been division in SubGenius chatland between the cantankerous, feisty contingent and the more laid back SubGenii. After too many drive-bys, the more laid back ones have created a new, bulletproof chat room. Point your IRC program at:

Once connected, join #subgenius
or you can use a browser to chat via
– though to get the Java plug-in to work, you must TRUST IN “BOB”!

The old feisty, heavily booby-trapped chat room is still #subgenius on any fefnet branch – vendetta.fef.net, for example.

Other SubGenius interactive e-groups:

Yahoo “SubGenius” main group:

Special X-Day Group:


MSN “Praise “Bob”

DragonFly Clench: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DragonFlyClench/


Upcoming Events:

March 19
2005 Detroit Devival, at The Magic Stick, Detroit, Michigan

April 16
The Foundry in London, England

May 5 teX-Day outside Austin, Texas

JULY 1-5, 2005: 8X-DAY: WORLD ENDS, Brushwood, Sherman, NY

Late July: STARWOOD also at Brushwood

JAMAICA, August 17, 2005

And we just decided to make BURNING MAN.



ARISE! The SubGenius Movie
6X-Day (23-minute recut, much slicker than the long version)
DAY OF THE SUBGENIUS by The Bolex Brothers
ADVENTURES IN TEEN LIFE by Champion Jack Codini
INTERMISSION by Champion Jack Codini
SubGenius Commercial
X-Day Commercial

All of the above were uploaded last week as MPEG1 on alt.binaries.vcd, and as DivX avi on alt.binaries.movies.divx

Next: Rev. Sverre Kristensen’s SOMETHING NEW TO DIE FOR from the Danish PAL vhs master, to DivX and SVCD.

The abovementioned movies will soon be on alt.binaries.svcd as very high-res MPEG2 files, and they’ll be on alt.binaries.multimedia.slack as soon as I get access to that myself.

The DivX avi and SVCD-style mpegs look damn near as good as the DVD versions of these… WHICH ARE OF COURSE AVAILABLE for $ (CHEAP) from

Oh lordy, that reminds me, I have to go through and add PayPal buttons to the rest of the sacred and holy swaggarts and productry.

All I Wanted Was to Log Onto Nu-Monet's SubGenius Blog...

... but it forced me to start my own!

Well, it's a start, anyway.