Thursday, June 26, 2008

X-Day! Dobbs Cloisonne Pins and Cufflinks! Updated Graphics Orgy on SubSITE!

Joyous News! The world ends next week and you MAY die!

You definitely won't, however, if you're right with "Bob." In fact, you'll live forever, and then some. And the rightest of the correctest of what's left of "Bob" will be ushering out the Old Age and welcoming the Sex Goddesses from Planet X at our favorite official X-Day Landing Strip, Brushwood Folklore Center in far western rural New York State. This will be the thirteenth time we've partied to excess in full expectation of the Apocalypse and the Rupsture, and we're getting good at it. We are expecting an unusually large turnout this year despite the way the Conspiracy deliberately raised gas prices just to defeat this festival.

Even if you can't make it to New York's Amish country by July 5, you might enjoy the vast array of soft-core promises and photos from previous X-Days, as well as the lively Instructions about what to expect once you get there. None of it is safe for work, or mental ward, but all of it is at our X-Day XI SITE.


We've made it an X-Day tradition to console the unsaved and the non-traveling by posting on our website all the best graphic work and short mini-videos that have been created by SubGenius artists since the previous such excavation. Besides the latest volumes of work by the Giants such as LeMur, IMBJR, iDRMRSR and Heart Ignition, we also present the perverse 3D "movies" of bO-nana, some screen-crushers, amazing NEW artists like Pan-Demonium, inspiring documented Proof of "Bob," vignettes from SubGenius Life, and even a new Hall of Assholes (or "LOL ASSHOLES"). There's a lot more than you can imagine, even if you're God, at:


Joyous News! The Dobbshead Cloisonné Pins are Back -- with CUFFLINKS!

SubGeniuses have wept over their inability to procure these incredibly slick pieces of SubGenius jewelry. The second they were out of stock, everybody wanted one.

We just got the first shipment from our new manufacturer. These are quite an improvement on the original design! There are FOUR colors now, and the Sacred Rim of the Ultimate Pipe-Bowl is now outlined in white, as is doctrinally correct.

The cufflinks are a brand new product -- just like the fine enamel pin, but with cufflink attachments in back.

HOT PICS at this catalog page link!

If you miss X-Day, you might console yourself with a devival at the same location during Starwood, the huge festival from July 22-27 also at Brushwood. Details here.

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