Sunday, December 11, 2005

Here's a fun "Bob" sound game to do and play

The fine folks at Leanback Productions (or so they say) have completed
this hypnotic interactive noisemaker. You access this ongoing stream of
audio loops from the site, then click on a colorful Dobbshead -- each
click causes the configuration of random audio loops to change. Some of
the loops are musical and some are from the SubSITE Sound Holes, so
what come up are randomly-grabbed combos of music and old-timey
SubGenius ranting. If you like a loop, you click in the red areas near
the Pipe, and if you don't like something, you click in the blue upper
hairdo areas of the Dobbshead. This "ranks" the loop, and changes the
stream to another randomly-selected one.

So far, only the maker and I have diddled with it, but in theory, as
more people monkey with it, it becomes more complex.

As I understand it, which may not be saying much, there is some math
behind this that's new, which may be of interest to programmers.

My only problem with it is that it takes like 8 seconds for the change
to occur after my clicks, which I think is because the signal has to go
to London and back for the change to register.

I had extra fun with it, because it forced me to install the free Mac
audio prog "WHAMB," which streams OGG files that iTunes won't stream,
and I'm always glad when I'm forced to install a superior free program

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