Saturday, June 03, 2006

New SubGenius Book 'THE BOBLIOGRAPHON' Finished

I finished the final layout tweakings, art credits, etc., and got the master to the publishers only 6 hours after the May 31 deadline!

And you can already buy copies! It's just that your copy won't EXIST until October or so. Check out The SubGenius Psychlopaedia of Slack - THE BOBLIOGRAPHON on
This was one of the most PLEASURABLE jobs I have ever done, despite the grueling schedule and short deadline. Princess Wei and I are very happy with the final product. THANKS (and eventual royalty checks) to the dozens of artists and writers who contributed!

Who include, as follows: Dr. Philo U. Drummond • Uncle Dr. Onan Canobite • Nenslo • IMBJR • Dr. G. ­Gordon Gordon • Heart Ignition • Mr. ­Fernandinande LeMur • Princess Wei “R.” Doe • Rev. Espira • St. Paul Mavrides • Dr. Hal Robins • Satellite Weavers • Father Joe Mama • Rev. Christopher Lee • Rev. Nu-Monet • Jesus Devilacqua • Dr. K’taden ­Legume • Rev. ­Susie the Floozy • Rev. Carter ­LeBlanc • Artemia Salina • Rev. Mary Magdalen • Dave ­DeLuca • Rev. John ­Shirley • Modemac • Rev. Nanzi Regalia • Rev. Joe Cosby • St. Byron Werner • Puzzling Evidence • Popess Lilith von Fraumench • Ignatz Topolino • J. Vandewalker • Dok Frop • Lemuel Atom • Rev. Alliekatt • Polar Bear • Rev. Nickie Deathchick • St. Stymie DeBergerac • Dr. Ahmed Fishmonger • Sosodada/AssCo • Sternodox • Rev. Mark ­Mothersbaugh • Peter Hipwell • Pope Charles • Pope of Berea • Atom Funway • St. Joe Riley • iDRMRSR • Phineas Narco • Frater SODDI • Sister Decadence • Poindexter • Friday Jones • Brad Parks • Doeroadx • A. Tuttle • P. Larsen • M. Carey • J. ­Graham • Scott Orsi • ­Michael Peppe • ­Pastor Bedtime • J. Cobblestone • M. Doscher • Pope Phil Monty • Champion Jack Codini • Enki • Crypts • L. ­Minatti • S. Kristensen • Rev. ErRoR • HdMrs. Salacia • H. ­MacAdams • Zontar • J. Miller • DougW • ­Allosaur • Winkie Emoticon • Rev. Farrago • D. Silk • ­Magna-3 • Sr. Melodious Chopps • St. Marc • Kimsker • Subvorkian • Minitru • Edfred • KRK Ryden • M. Marren • Delirus • Rev.Freeman • Eric Moore • Juan Forderode • Deivid’s Thang • Unknown SubGenius •


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I've pre-ordered my own copy, something to let the pinks read after the rupture; I sure as hell won't be here.

You know who said...

Isn't there a kind of link authors can get to get a fraction of revenue back from Amazon if people click the link from their site? You should try that.

Anonymous said...

"We don't seriously expect ANYONE to understand Dobbs, and WHOEVER CLAIMS TO IS LYING! Once a guy accused us of being DEVIL-WORSHIPPERS just because we said we think that Christianity, as it exists today, is the ONE WORLD ANTI-CHRIST SYSTEM PREDICTED IN THE BIBLE!! No, we're not supposed to even know that THE ADVERSARY is not some grimy weirdo cranking out crackpot rants in a filthy attic, or a Cult Leader wearing Mystic Symbols on an afternoon TV talk show. We're not supposed to know that the MANIACAL HATCHET-FIEND is that quiet, harmless person who brings us such lovely vegetables from their MIRACULOUSLY WELL-FERTILIZED GARDEN!!! THAT SATAN INCARNATE ISN'T A HIDEOUS ABOMINATION FROM HELL, BUT A CLEAN-SCRUBBED, PINK-FACED, NECKTIE-WEARING GOODNATURED TRUSTWORTHY SOUL WHO IS POCKETING HUGE AMOUNTS OF CASH FOR POISONING AND MURDERING MILLIONS, saying, "WE HAVE NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE THAT THE TENFOLD ESCALATION OF HORRIBLE DEATH IN THE DIRECT VICINITY OF OUR PLANT HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE BLACK SLUDGE LEAKING OUT OF OUR WASTE DUMP ONTO THE PLAYGROUND OF THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!!!" No, we're not supposed to know that, BUT WE DO KNOW IT, and once you know something YOU CAN'T UNKNOW IT NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO. YOU CAN ONLY SPEND THE REST OF YOUR LIFE WISHING YOU COULD FORGET!!!" - Nenslo

i just remembered the love and thought
maybe if i puked some back from the hole it spewed from originally it would have "a nice effect."

have as many nice days as is possible with the time alotted....HA HA HA

mark said...


The book is terrific! It has replaced Finnegans Wake as my Sacred Tome of Excremeditation!

Uncle Scratch