Thursday, August 03, 2006


… because their child needs THEM!

You may have read about the child custody case of Rachel Bevilacqua, aka Rev. Magdalen. Her 10-year-old son was taken away from her last February because a New York family court judge thought that her involvement with The Church of the SubGenius disqualified her for motherhood. The horrible news is, even though the original judge is off the case, THE CASE IS DRAGGING ON and she has been allowed very little contact with her son. The state is paying for the father's lawyers, because the father is a welfare case who never has a job, and that side is deliberately prolonging the court sessions BECAUSE THEY KNOW THAT THE BEVILACQUAS, WHO BETWEEN THEM ARE WORKING FOUR JOBS, DO HAVE TO PAY FOR THEIR LAWYERS.

Rachel has very good lawyers now, but they're very expensive, and they want another $10,000 from her by LAST WEEK. Meanwhile, her husband Steve, aka Rev. Jesus, has been tranfered by His employers to ENGLAND -- which would be lots of fun IF HE COULD HAVE HIS FAMILY WITH HIM. But Rachel cannot leave New York until she regains at least partial custody of her child.

Friends, normally when I send out these letters it's because I'm selling something -- some new holy SubGenius product. Well, our new book will be out in October, and I will surely sell the Hell out of that when the time comes. But right now I'm not selling anything. I'm BEGGING for your money, for SOMEBODY ELSE -- for Rachel's legal fees, so she can hurry up and get young "ConBo" back before he has to spend YET ANOTHER 6 MONTHS IN THAT WRETCHED TRAILER COURT.

If you read any of the stories that have now been written about this case -- and especially if you read the publicly available transcript of the original abusive judge's outbursts -- you'll see that this is not just another cute SubGenius money-making gimmick, but a serious fight against a REAL THREAT. Magdalen is a degreed college graduate with a long and responsible job history, a good income, no jail record, etc. If her child can be taken away by a small local court just because she's a SubGenius, THINK WHAT ELSE THEY COULD DO… MAYBE TO YOU.

Modemac's wikipedia page has the most concise history of the case and the most complete collection of links:

This feisty weekly newspaper from the Rochester area has the most scathing of many good articles about the case:

The Beast:

Another excellent, more recent article is in the Cleveland Free Times:

Paypal donations can still be sent to

Checks or other payments can be mailed to the attention of:
Rachel Bevilacqua
c/o Christopher S. Mattingly
Lipsitz Green LLP
42 Delaware Avenue
Suite 300
Buffalo, New York 14202-3857

THE WHY A GOAT? SHIRT: The brave and hardy administrators of Taphouse IRC (the official IRC network of the Church of the SubGenius) have begun a fundraiser for Magdalen's legal fund, by producing T-shirts with a goat head logo and the quote "Why a goat?" (as was repeated by the original judge in this case). These shirts are being sold for $20, of which $8.10 of every sale will go directly to her legal fund. All help is appreciated, and every little bit helps. The URL for the fund-raiser is:

Needless to say, this has been unspeakably hard on Magdalen and Jesus. The SubGeniuses at large, however, sure had a lot of fun at Judge Punch's expense at our last X-Day drill. There are 4 Hours of Slack online now that feature recordings from 9X-Day, but this week's show, #1058, a Magdalen Case Fund-Raising, Punch-Bashing special with Dr. Hal and other great ranters (also featuring Mag's shordurpersav band, The Billy Nayer Show).
Hour of Slack 1058:

While we're at it, this is a good place to mention THE HOUR OF SLACK HOME SERVICE -- a 6-month subscription to weekly Hour of Slack CDs delivered to your home! Only FIVE BUCKS PER SHOW. Sure you can download it, or you can record it off the air if you're in one of the 17 cities where it's carried (see website) -- but these are audio CDs made direct from the masters, with 25 to 60 separate tracks so you can easily isolate your favorite parts. You can specify X-Rated or Air-Safe copies. I know, I said I wasn't selling anything. But, hey -- What Would "Bob" Do?



Anonymous said...

wait a sec, no job, jail- he seems like the true believer in Bob

TOR Hershman said...

You know, methinks moi's last posting (Of this date) on moi's blog could be used here.

Moi thinks Bob would agree.

Stay on Groovin' Safari,

cheap web hosting said...

Then what happened to him

angryredplanet said...

Do we really need any more evidence of the CONSPIRACY than this? The Evil Ones punish and suppress any who deny their false JHVH, in an ultimatey cosmic irony, when SubGenii seek only to return to JHVH-1, via Xian transport!!! OK, we also seek to appease Bob, or face his nuclear retribution, but the true point is that we must SEE Bob, and attempt to model our lives after him, through the conscious (fnord) philosophical use of SLACK!

BTW, I do have a small amount of extra Slack for sale. If interested, contact my through telepathic channels. Praise Bob.

Anonymous said...

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