Friday, April 13, 2007

teX-DAY is STILL COMING, May 5 - NEW VIDEO online

May 5-6 weekend - teX-DAY III

Dragonz Wylde Ranch, near Austin, Texas, USA

Directions, tickets, and details are HERE at the teX-Day website.

I'll be there, as will host Loke E. Coyote, many bands, Sister Decadence, Princess Wei, Dok Frop, Launchings, Doktor Music, Sex Temple, maybe even THAT! More to be announced!

I have spent the last three days trying to cut the video of teX-Day 2005 into a decent promo -- and I SUCCEEDED! There is also a 40-minute uncensored version that I'll be posting in high res DivX to alt.binaries.multimedia.slack, and a 30-minute somewhat censored version that I'll post on Google Video a.s.a.p.

In the meantime, here's my DECENT PROMO! Well, as decent as YouTube will let it be, anyway.

If the teX-Day movie below won't play for you, try this link to it on YouTube.