Friday, November 21, 2008

2008 Baltimore Devival Pix, Audio on SubSITE, a.b.s.

That link goes to my still pics (and one very short video of Rev.
Susie the Floozy) as well as photos from Nigel and CosmicDebris.
There's also a link to MP3 audio of most of the ranting from this
first-class, first-water devival. (My pulpitside mic, on radio4all.)

The photos on SubSITE are relatively small for quick loading on your

Much higher-resolution copies of my photos, including several that
aren't on SubSITE, are on alt.binaries.slack, for your
mass-downloading, printable-copy pleasure.

The a.b.s. versions average 1 mb in size, suitable for printing,
whereas the SubSITE versions are made for quick viewing, only about 80
kb or so max.The otherwise-censored stuff is on a.b.s. too.