Tuesday, March 15, 2005


We don't like to abuse our privileges by spamming you. So we only spam you every now and then. This is one of those NOWs. We need some $ for gas to get to the Detroit Devival this weekend. That and the new structural additions to The Slackermansion.

The following THIRTEEN new products are SUDDENLY in the Bulldada Time Control SubGenius Website Catalog -- http://www.subgenius.com/scatalog/new_crap.htm

Even if you're completely broke, you'll probably enjoy looking at the PACKAGING ART. Click on small product shots to get BIG views of the front and back graphics, which include some spectacular recent work by LeMur, Heart Ignition, iDRMRSR, IMBJR, Espira and others.


Tree of Knowledge Poster (Huge slick color poster, by Mavrides/Stang - LIMITED SUPPLY)

Skull-Bob Black T-Shirt (VERY limited supply - 2 each of large, medium, XL - art by Espira)

Bumper Sticker: I'M MAD TOO, "BOB"(Large 12" weatherproof vinyl)

Media Barrage 3 CD - "Sex, Sickness and Slack" (This 1981 classic is SubG album is currently on alt.binaries.slack in MP3 -- but if you "can't download," you CAN BUY.)

12 Hours of Slack MP3 VOLUME 19 CDR (Excellent copies of shows up through #985, which hasn't even aired yet. This is a VERY GOOD cross-section and great sampler!)

12 Hours of Slack MP3 VOLUME 18 CDR

65 Hours of Slack in MP3 & OGG CDR (Lower-res versions of shows from #888 to 952 - some mono MP3, some low stereo Ogg Vorbis format -- quite a value for $15)

Hour of Slack LIVE MP3 Stash 2 CDR (A year's worth of just the live parts of the shows, mostly in-studio ranting and jive talk with background music and effects)

2004 EuroSubTour Devival & Radio Remix MP3 CDR (The equivalent of a 3 CD set - culled from the clips used on Hours of Slack)

6X-Day (plus 6 shorts) DVD (Include 62-minute edit of 6X, plus 2 music videos, the X-Day ad, Bug Porn, and 1955 home movies of "Bob"!

Uncut World of the Future (with 4 shorts including "The Human Animal") DVD

Hour of Slack in OGG VORBIS Vol. 4 CDR (22 shows (#956- 975) in GOOD quality stereo

58 Hours of Slack in OGG-lo CDR (ALL the existing lower-resolution (but still stereo) Ogg Vorbis versions of shows from # 930 to 988 - actually I won't have this one ready to mail out until April, as 988 isn't produced yet!)

I, Stang am most relieved to have these various items finally finished and moveable. They've been STACKING UP around here, like my email, and the hair-balls in the carpet around my office chair.

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