Sunday, May 01, 2005

New ART MINES Tunnel

Art Mines Tunnel 21


Over 150 new pics by Mister F. LeMur

Over 150 new pics by Heart Ignition ((NOT FOR KIDS!!))

Over 150 new pics by IMBJR ((NOT FOR KIDS!!))

Over 60 new pics by Espira

The SubGenius Coloring Book by Artemia Salina ((ONLY for kids!!)

Over 250 new pics by everybody else. ((Kids!))

I think altogether there were about 800 pictures.

Bo-nanna's pieces are in real 3D and if you have the red-green glasses,
they work.

None of the pictures are by me except for the "X-Day Logo" section --
all of those are by Princess Wei and me, many using Rev. Abnorm Nihil's
keen "X-made-of-8-Xs" idea. Mostly it's the Princess's ideas and me
just doing the button pushing in Photoshop.

Most but not all came from a.b.s.; some was emailed to me.

You -- YOU, the SubGenius reading this now -- if you enjoy the art, you
might think about ordering something from the Bulldada Time Control
. We're having a VERY tight month. I don't know if this is
common knowledge, but I have to pay for SubSITE, monthly, and it costs
more when we add art, and costs more yet again when the traffic is
heavy. Ordering a CDR with dozens of Hours of Slack or a DVD would help
pay for these art displays. It would help keep these great pages, and this great site generally, from going offline soon.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey, i have some sounds i've made in oregon. where could i send them to?
and better yet. if they got used how could i hear them being used?
lol peace
does the hour of slack still go on?>
who could i contact?