Thursday, June 09, 2005

New on SubSITE: 8X-Day details, Comic Book, Stark Fist

For those going to 8X-Day at Brushwood, Valencia, or Cambodia, and for voyeurs, we have a section of RECENT ANNOUNCEMENTS and SPECULATIONS FROM THE FLOCK inside the more general 8X-Day quarter. Much was added just today, including illustrations on every page.

Governor of SportsLand Rocknar, and First Sponsor of Dr. Howl's appearance at 8X-Day, has mangled a beloved old favorite comic book into an all-new saga of a descent into Hell by the famous SubGenius, Pastor Craig. (Pastor Craig is actually a SubGenius Saint of long standing.) See THIS WAS YOUR LIFE, PASTOR CRAIG.

And, thanks to new ediotors, Rev. Fenian and Rev. Paco, THE STARK FIST ONLINE has an updated FEBRUARY 2005 ALT.SLACK DIGEST encompassing the bizarre thoughts and discoveries of the alt.slack denizens during that strange month.

The "DR. HOWL TO 8X-DAY" FUND is getting CLOSE -- we're only $150 from our goal, which is a $412 plane ticket, SF to CLE. (Turns out I spoke a "wei" bit too soon... Wei and I already gave more at the office than we thought. Or would really want to think ABOUT.)

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