Thursday, June 09, 2005

Plane fare for Dr. Howl Almost Possible!

So far we've raised $225 for Hal's plane ticket... close enough that I priced them today. It's $412 with tax, lowest I found on Priceline. Wei and I can put in $50 each so we only need another $75!!

SEVENTY FIVE BUCKS will bring Dr. Howl to 8X-Day!


Or $25 from THREE!

Paypal button on X-Day page

OR email me with half your credit card # and then another email with the other half and the expiration date!

With Philo AND Hal there, we won't need ANY PREACHERS OR BANDS! (We'll have them anyway.)

Speaking of bands, the only "name bands" or even bands that HAVE names that I know are coming are The Amino Acids and Lonesome Cowboy Dave's Mondo Retardo Band. That means major jam-space and DJ-ing time for ambitious or compulsive arteests and Doktors. So bring your noisemakers.

Last year we didn't EXPECT Little Fyodor, but he and Babushka showed up and turned in a set that blew everybody away (and became a live album!).

Another way to help make 8X-Day a big success is to BUY TONS OF SACRED MEDIA DIRECTLY FROM THE SUBGENIUS FOUNDATION:

There's quite a bit that's brand spanking new.

PRAISE BE to the DONATORS of the HOWL-TICKET: Gov. Rocknar, Sister Decadence, Phineas Narco, Rev. Weinholt, Rev. Delirus!

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