Monday, July 11, 2005

ALL of Princess Wei's photos of 8X-Day on a.b.s.

Alt.binaries.slack now holds all the GOOD photos -- 192 of them -- that Princess Wei "R." Doe shot at 8X-Day. I will be putting all of the INTERESTING ones on SubSITE permanently -- but fewer than half of the ones I've posted to a.b.s.will be on SubSITE. So, get 'em while they're hot. A few actually are kind of hot. Others are just plain gross.

I'm waiting for reports and photos to roll in from a few more contributors before I put up an 8X-Day report on SubSITE.

We now have filled ALL orders that came in since we left for 8X-Day on June 26... although the ones going overseas were mailed only today.

Current job is to get a couple of new Hours of Slack slung together using some of the massive amount of material recorded at 8X-Day. Dr. Howll, Dr. Drummond and I did something like three hours of live radio from the stage, all told. And then there're all the other ranters and the bands. Lordy. Good thing EDITING IS SLACK for me, among other things.

A few days after we got home, I realized that the Hour of Slack in OGG VORBIS format has been undownloadable since July 6 or so. That's being fixed now. The MP3s are still there.

Next big SubVents: STARWOOD in a week and, in August, in Jamaica, PSYTOPIA! I am trying to ready special videos for both of those. Supposedly there's a Columbus, Ohio devival in October too, but we don't know the details yet.

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