Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Yes, SCREW EVERYTHING! The world ended, and we MAY HAVE DIED! That means we can take our SWEET TIME doing DAMN NEAR ANYTHING WE WANT!


Tumultuous events marked the 8X-Day Drill, and SubSITE now sports the reports, disrespectful wisecracks and galleries of dorkily lewd photographs from dozens of SubGenius Delegates to the 8X-Day Drill -- actually our TENTH Drill, if you want to get technical about it. We thank all the writers and photographers who tossed in their cookies, and everyone who made this event the violent and fractious Apocalypse Practice that it was.

Incidentally, the reports from alt.slack, which also include the 2005 BOBBIE AWARDS list, have been specially Stang-edited for readability, with repetition and other meaningless Internet garbage eliminated. And, the photo section also features new pics from teX-Day '05 near Austin.


The SubGenii returned bearing boxes of video and audio recordings. We are pumping those out onto Hour of Slack in refined form, and onto alt.binaries.slack and alt.binaries.multimedia.slack in raw form. Currently on both SubG binaries newsgroups there are hours of audio in MP3, including performances by special guest Dr. Howl, various other ranters, the Bulldada Auction, 8X-related live radio shows.

The newsgroup alt.binaries.multimedia.slack now holds several new and new/old SubGenius films in various digital formats, such as the 1-hour 7X-Day -- Share the Load, as well as a film ABOUT X-Day and the Church by non-SubGenii, plus 7-5-98, which solely depicts the 7 am climax of the 1998 X-Day gathering and the subsequent lynching of yours truly. The 7X-Day video is a barrage-edited GUT BLOWOUT, thanks to special guests Dr. Howl, Philo Drummond, Little Fyodor, The Amino Acids, Rev. Zorro, and many more Great Spazzmasters.

HOW TO USE USENET to get movies, etc


We celebrated our 1000th Hour of Slack just before 8X-Day; audio from the event fueled #s 1002, 1003, and 1004; and just for Emergentile Yuks we also cranked out our eighth "XXX-Rated Internet-Only" show, which is meant only for the ears of downloaders, bootleggers and our beloved Hour of Slack individual subscribers.

For a short time, ALL of those shows will be on SubSITE in hi-res (and also very lo-res) Ogg Vorbis format, and for a LONG time, all of them will be on the wonderful Radio4All site in good quality MP3.



Just before the world ends, in a frenzy of meaninglessness, we always manage to finish several projects for our Bulldada Time Control media catalog, and to add the most intense new designs to our CafePress SubStore of clothing, house wares, art objects etc.

In Bulldada, you'll find a new Best of SubGenius Albums collection (Hour of Slack 984 actually), a DVD collection of best shorts by SubGenii from the last two or three years ("10 Minutes 'Til Showtime), new bumper stickers, an all-LeMur album… and, in the Whizbangs section, 7 Bladed Windbreakers are back!


Our CafePress SubSTORE has a dozen new designs on men's and women's clothes, badges, carafes, throw pillows, framed art prints, you name it! There's so much new that the best idea would be to start at the newest new page, which is the deepest in, and then work your way backwards through the various tangential product lines.

We brought ONE EACH of all the new products to 8X-Day -- some are displayed among the very first photos in our 8X pics -- and they were mostly gone within minutes of the Swag Shack opening. Maybe we should have brought more than one each.


The great SubGenius preacher vanished -- went undercover for TWO YEARS, and at the end of that time revealed that he had not only successfully infiltrated the Jack T. Chick organization, but had produced a huge, DEFINITIVE book about the famous TRACT EMPIRE. Chick Comics are those little bitty free religious comic books that have provided so much joy to smirking hipsters and disbelievers. Wouldn't it figure that only a SubGenius Master would be able to pull off such an impressive guide to that whole world of Inadvertent Bulldada?

EVERY CHICK COMIC is REVIEWED in HILARIOUS DETAIL by Papa Joe. Chick's TRUE STORY is told. Every SHRED of trivia is covered, and all of the 226 pages are SLATHERED in illustrations, a lot of it in color. This book is an INCREDIBLE VALUE and a sure fire major-league collector's item -- GET 'EM WHILE YOU CAN!

The Art of Jack T. Chick

New QUIJIBO out - Greatest SubGenius Magazine

29th issue of this PHYSICAL, PRINTED-ON-PAPER ZINE was unveiled at 8X-Day. Includes: The Search for the Perfect Connie, Russians ranting about "Bob," teX-Day report, an alternate Dobbstown history by Rev. Chris Lee, hueyspewy, Dick Dobbs, Spamalot report, zombie movie reviews, hot pics.

ANY 2 ISSUES only $5!! Plus $1 for postage in U.S.: QUIJIBO CARTEL, 18 W. Main St. Suite X, Greenfield, IN 46140


Starwood: July 19 - 24 Sherman, Brushwood, Sherman, NY. Rev. Ivan Stang's sermon and video show will be on Saturday afternoon, following St. Paul Krassner's rant.

Held a couple of weeks after X-Day (on years that the world doesn't end), and at the same place, Starwood is the biggest neopagan conclave in the U.S. Here, SubGenii meet and mate with weirdoes of other faiths, see important countercultural speakers, enjoy intensely hedonistic nighttime activity (or "spiritual" activity -- WHATEVER!). The bands are usually excellent and the Saturday night bonfire is, truthfully, an East Coast alternative to Burning Man's Saturday nights.

Psytopia: JAMAICA, August 17-23, 2005

Check out this Psychedelic Convention in Jamaica! This has the potential for being the most EXOTIC devival situation yet. The host told us that the suggestion to have a devival at Psytopia came from none other than SAINT GEORGE CLINTON! -- who will also be involved in this event, along with artist Alex Grey, wise guy Ram Dass and other Illuminutilated Ones.


THANKS! -- to all the SubGenii who made 8X-Day the Ultimate Slack-Out that it was, as well as those who didn't, but made something ELSE an Ultimate Slack-Out. Many of you got Bobbie Awards -- paper certificates and ACTUAL 8-BALL-on-Pedestal AWARDS -- but were not at Brushwood to have them handed to you. Wei/I are gradually completing all the rest (they are calligraphically lettered) and mailing them to the Beloved Servants of "Bob" who earned them by sacrificing Conspiracy jobs, False Slack and entertainment for SubGenius-style TRUESLACK.


Your Dear Friend and Prayer Partner,

Sacred Scribe #273, Rev. Ivan Stang


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Thank GOD the world ENDED and PRAISE TEAT-REEKIN' "BOB"!!!

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