Wednesday, September 07, 2005

New SubGenius DVD just out


3 Sermons on The Word of "Bob"
by Rev. Ivan Stang
(sections co-written with Uncle Dr. Onan Canobite)


2 one-hour rants, covered by multiple cameras at Winterstar 2005 and Starwood 25 -- plus a short excerpt from the insane Detroit Devival of 2005.

The WINTERSTAR '05 rant takes place indoors at a fancy ski resort, with a smaller crowd, and is relatively informal. The sermon at STARWOOD 25 is presented with a special rearscreen projection of *Dobbsedeliasteses* before a large audience of neopagans at an outdoor festival. Unlike the diatribes and jermemiads delivered to dues-paying, ordained SubGenii at Devivals, these Stang-rants are not "preaching to the choir." Starwood and Winterstar audiences, being largely new to SubGenius doctrine, require a more explanatory, soft-sell approach. Also, unlike at Devivals, the audience is not trying to out-yell the preacher. Thus, these sermons make good watchable introductions for those relatively new to the Church.

The Detroit clip is more typical of what one might see at a true SubGenius devival -- delivered completely spontaneously in a rock-n-roll bar, between band set-ups.

Princess Wei "R." Doe shot parts of all shows; the Starwood segmant utilizes Andy Adamovich's multi-camera video coverage, and Dennis Murphy ran the second camera on Winterstar.

Winterstar and Starwood are produced by A.C.E. (

This is our first all-rant video.


Sasquatchpatch said...

"soft-sell" approach. that sounds like what the catholicks are pulling for homosexuals in the church. Damn. Come on out to orcas island and do your "Hard-Cell" approach, we're heartier yetinsiny than ski-lodge neo pagan soft bellies. Then we can all get some fuck up and rock all night long.

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