Friday, September 02, 2005

Hurricane-Area SubGenii -- Phone Home

We understand that you may have other things on your minds, such as they are, but if you get a chance, please email me - - so we can let your fellow SubGenii know if you're okay and if you need help. You might not have to be the refugee guest of Normals. The Slackermansion here in Cleveland is already full of refugees from Normality, but maybe there's a SubGenius family near you that could be of assistance.

We haven't come up with very much that's FUNNY about the disaster, but on alt.slack there is plenty of anger to be found, with the reminders that most of the budget for U.S. flood control was diverted into Iraq oil control a couple of years ago. That decision sure came back to bite The Conspiracy on the ass, although the decision-makers aren't the ones who'll suffer from it. They never are; Their eager Dupes do all the suffering. And the funny thing is, those Dupes always come back for more!

The Book of Life shows several hundred SubGenius ministers in LA, AB, MI and So. FL. We haven't heard from any of them yet.

In 1962, J.R. "Bob" Dobbs made a prediction. He said, "It's gonna be a bummer, man."

His Threat Rang True.


Anonymous said...

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quid·pro·nihilo said...

it's natural eugenics, like George Carlin once put it.

the lioness tenderly feeds her cubs with the meat of a poor little baby deer? boo hoo, that's nature.
people died on the katrina hurricane thing? boo goo, that's nature.

Anonymous said...

Youch! Who let a nihilist on here?

Whotta glorp!

crallspace said...
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quid·pro·nihilo said...

Anonymous said...
Youch! Who let a nihilist on here?

Whotta glorp!

9:00 PM
My dear "anonymous" pink friend:
I guess you need to learn a little Latin to realize my screen name has nothing to do with nihilism whatsoever.
"Quid pro nihilo" stands for what "Bob" elegantly put as "something for nothing".

I truly desire for thee salvation on the mighty hand of JHVH-1.

Yours in "Bob",
Presbyter Nihilberto Onestio.

Anonymous said...

whassamatta you. caint you write
Louisianer, Michigane and south
Floridee? That's better than them
LA, MI and FL axcronims youz writin
youz doin it lake Normals does it.
livin uppair wid dem yankees iz
got ya trippin

Anonymous said...

Be prepared for the next hurricane katrina site or find another one that's similar. As the Boy Scouts say: "Be Prepared"!