Wednesday, February 22, 2006

We're suddenly in the news, for all the wrong reasons

This just started yesterday morning with Magdalen's press release about her custody problems (see earlier post, below). During the course of yesterday, Feb. 21, the SubGenius website got 36,366 visits -- not hits, but site visits. (Our average generally is about 17,000 visitors a day).

Below are some of the sites that have picked up on this story. So far it's all Internet, but it's big Internet.
(wikipedia news)

(Yesterday's news, so you'll have to scroll down a bit for this one, same with the boing boing one below)

is going slightly berserk, but it always does that.

The good news is that we're being FLOODED with Membership ordainment orders, DVD orders and radio show subscriptions. The Hour of Slack downloads jumped from maybe 300 or 400 to over 1,000. The bad news is that I have a new SubGenius book due by May 15 -- and that includes writing, illustrating, and finished design! I mean, that's good news, but it's bad that two time-consuming events are coinciding.

I wish this notoriety was happening for some other reason than a miscarriage of justice.

On a lighter note, our videos (well, excerpts of the longer ones) are now freely available and easy to view on Video Google, and there's a brand new one up:


The Amazing Kreskin said...

Need any help with book organization or material, Reverend? Or with processing stuff?


Txfeminist said...

I wrote a post about this on my site.

I hope it helps spread the word.

In situations like this, publicity is a good thing.

Mystylplx said...

Two of your links aren't working. The tinyurl one and the Johnshirley one. Both seem to have the blogger url in front of them and I was able to reach the pages once I removed that...