Tuesday, February 28, 2006

WinterStar, Magdalen News on Radio4All

WinterStar, Magdalen News on Radio4All

MP3 and podcast:

Church of the SubGenius Special Report
Rev. Ivan Stang at WinterStar 2006, Part 4
Rev. Mary Magdalen's Custody Case In the News

Recorded at WinterStar Symposium 2006 (see rosencomet.com), where Rev. Ivan Stang preached to the NeoPagans and other weirdos regarding a miscarriage of justice in a SubGenius's child custody case.

Some texts being read are by Magdalen, Rev. Carter LeBlanc, Dr. Onan Canobite, Orton Nenslo, Rev. Joe Cosby, Rev. Ivan Stang

This mp3 covers the end of the sermon. We'll post the rest later. For more info on the fundraising and other links, see earlier posts on this blog.

Recorded 2006-02-25
WinterStar Symposium, Atwood Lodge, Dellroy, Ohio


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