Friday, March 11, 2011

New Book on THE FIRESIGN THEATER Says Very Nice Things About Us

Taylor Jessen and Seeland Records has put out a book-dataDVD set, THE
DUKE OF MADNESS MOTORS. The book is full of interviews and essays; the
data-DVD carries MP3s of ALL their radio shows from 1970-72, which is
like 100 shows.

I haven't heard the 100 shows yet but I did get this far in the book:

"Yessiree, friends, these guys are some funny. Definitely "ha ha"
funny, but also funny dramatic, funny poetic, funny Dada. It's movies
for the mind that have only ever been matched by the likes of Ken
Nordine, Jean Shepherd, and Joe Frank. You can hear the tradition
continuing every Friday morning on Negativland's OVER THE EDGE series
on KPFA, and shows from the Church of the SubGenius like PUZZLING

It then refers to these shows being in "the Bulldada format" and says
more nice things about how even if we've been on for decades, every
minute of every hour still has that same "verbal jazz" spirit.

I just read the paragraph to Lonesome Cowboy Dave's message machine so
he won't feel so lonesome. (We're all a wee bit snowed in here

We also got TWO $200 donations to the show suddenly, so Dave even gets
a check. Actually I have several royalty checks to cut.

DUKE OF MADNESS MOTORS collection can be had from
and Might be a good idea to move fast on this
one, if you're a serious collector. The whole package is $50 I think.