Thursday, March 24, 2011

OOPS! CORRECTION to recent post regarding Universal Life Church ordainments

I recently published a blog suggesting that the Universal Life Church had moved and was now in Seattle, and gave a new website to contact (since ULC is more well known in many states than SubGenius). I was misinformed. I had been getting occasional complaints from SubG ministers that they'd gotten no response to the postcards that come with SubGenius packs, which they mail to Modesto, California for a secondary ordination. I think that it's just that the ULC staff in Modesto was swamped.

The ULC Monastery in Seattle is NOT the original ULC, but a splinter group that is no longer authorized by the true ULC. I have been in touch with the original ULC in Modesto since my earlier announcement and understand things a little better. They have modernized their ordainment process and now accept ordainment requests electronically. But they still prefer the request in writing, such as the postcard we include in our Ordainment Package.

So, to get yourself ordained (above and beyond your perfectly good SubGenius ordination), send in your ULC request postcard, and/or go to the true original ULC website:

and fill out their online form under the "Ordination" window. THIS IS FREE, although they accept donations. You can also buy nice printed wallet cards and certificates from them for $5 to $10, but those are not necessary. The important thing is that your name be registered with ULC. Same goes for SubGenius ordinations. If questioned by a city or state official you can always request a letter of credentials from us or ULC.

The Modesto ULC website has a very useful list of the specific credentials required for recognition as a minister, state by state in the U.S.A.:

I apologize for sending out wrong information, and I thank Rev. Sysyphus for bringing this to my attention.