Monday, August 22, 2005

DEVO Art Show

Aug. 20, 2005

In alt.slack, Pink Liberation Front wrote:

> Stang thats the price of fame, ya know I put up the pic of abo'bob at work
> today and no-one even noticed him

That's what you think.

Like none of those millions of schoolchildren noticed him when he was
on the wall of Pee Wee's Playhouse.

YOU didn't notice the Dobbshead the first time, yourself -- THAT YOU

I managed to edit the Ritual Teabagging footage yesterday. The fact
that I did so is PROOF that I am a SubGenius. YOU'LL SEE... it is truly
MOST fucked up. Fucked up and inexplicable. I am gonna put titles on it
today and probably post it to abms tomorrow. This is one of those
situations where I'm GLAD that many people "can't" get abms. (Actually
anybody with a computer and a phone line can, but it might cost them
$10/month for EasyNews or Giganews or whatnot.)

Also on a.b.s. are the first full-length rants by me on video that I
thought were worth sitting through visually (i.e. more than one camera,
and a video backdrop) -- Winterstar and Starwood both from this year.
I'll put these on DVD eventually, but for now there's an excellent free
DivX avi of each one on a.b.m.s. -- each exactly fits a 700 mb CDR.

Last night we attended the Mark Mothersbaugh art show in Kent, and
performances by The Spudboys and the actual real life School of Rock
kids. It seems that the Jack Black vehicle, "School of Rock," was
loosely based on a real situation. That school exists and the kids are
taught to rock. Currently they are being taught to rock by the people
who are in Stinking Lizavetta. Anyway these high school kids cover a
couple of dozen DEVO songs so well that I honestly enjoyed them and The
Spudboys, the DEVO research and emulation band that forms ONLY during DEVOtionals, MORE than I enjoyed the actual DEVO concert the night before.

Reason being, when DEVO does their old songs, it sounds EXACTLY LIKE
THEIR OLD SONGS. And they can't help but sound like they've played each
big hit song a thousand times. The Spudboys and School of Rock however
DON'T sound like they've played these songs a thousand times, they
sound like they're really enjoying playing the songs THIS ONCE.

The DEVOtional starts in Akron at noon today... Wei is yard-saling, and
I'm teabag-titling, but but tonight we'll go and videotape the bands at
the Lime Spider.

I now wish I had brought my DV cam to the bar last night because those
PRETTY TEENAGE GIRLS covering songs like "Wiggly World" and "Big Mess,"
you had to see it to believe it. Especially the ... well... let's not
go there. Suffice it to say that the knuckles on my right hand are well

According to Gerry Casale, The Disney Channel is working on some show
called DEVO 2.0, about the adventures of a teen or child band that does
DEVO songs.


Rev. Mothersbaugh's art show was fun enough, but it wasn't the
hand-drawn sicko postcards or the blacklight poster paintings; this
time it was pretty elementary Photoshop tweaks on antique photos he
found -- simply mirroring one side of the image right down the middle,
producing an odd symetry. I like Mark's hand drawn art a whole lot, but
if he posted this stuff on alt.binaries.slack under a fake name, they'd
congratulate him on successfully running a Photoshop filter, the same
way we all did when we first got Photoshop, and then ignore him. If
they even replied at all. I love his nutty writings a la My Struggle
by Booji Boy, and his cartoons and drawings, but this Photoshop filter
stuff... EH.

I'll bet it impresses the rich, though.

But then, who am I to act like Mister High Faluting Art Critic. I'm
except the absolutely most Sub of SubGenii.

But, yet, that damn footage is still cracking me up EVERY TIME.

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