Friday, August 12, 2005

Off To, and At, Psytopia

I guess I had better check in, or I might get in trouble with you-know-who. My head has been buried in Hours and Hours, weeks really, of Slack. Due to 8X-Day Drill and Starwood, Hour of Slack production had fallen behind while stacking up. After getting the new Gription 620 supercomputer up and running, and after then pretty much disappearing into it, like Professor Challenger into The Lost World, I have managed to catch up and even get ahead. In the last week I got shows numbers 1005, 1006, 1007, 1008, and 1009 up and running, and/or mailed to stations and subscribers. These particular Hours of Slack bear EXTRA SLACK, for they all feature the great Dr. Howll and the notorious Dr. Philo Drummond as special live guests, along with fabulastical new musical doktors, and our unusual usuals.

You can hear those shows in all manner of formats via the Hour of Slack page on SubSITE.

Next week, Princess Wei and I are lucky enough to be attending Psytopia, a sort of consciousness convention at a fancy resort in Jamaica, the prospects of which STILL seem too good to be true. In theory, I will be preaching on Sunday night on a beach stage, with a machine projecting the new Dobbsedelia II mind-control video behind me, with a crowd of the UnSaved, all naked, young, rich and SEEKING... and boy howdy, have we got a seeking-stopper for them! Well, a temporary plug, anyway. A plug with a PIPE in it!

There are still a few tickets available for Psytopia, and if you share a triple room with 2 others, it's a lot cheaper.

Having gotten these Hours of Slack out of the way, according to my Sacred Scribe Orders from Dobbstown, I am supposed to answer about three months worth of email. But I gotta admit, all I can think about are these hours of video and graphics awaiting editing and animation.

If you're into downloading movies, I posted more SubGenius video than I can list here on alt.binaries.multimedia.slack during the last week or two. Nothing brand new besides the radio shows and some 8X-Day stage recordings, but many nice mpeg copies of various Dobbsedeliasteses, ARISE!, short SubClassics, etc.

I still hang out at alt.slack and alt.binaries.slack. If you prefer the blog method of communicating important messages to fellow SubGenii, remember

If you think you might like to read some SubGeniusly essays by a great SubGenius Hierarch from the Olden Days, try starting with this article about Yetis in the movies, and then back out from there to see Nensletic opinions and discoveries in many other fields of the arts and sciences.