Monday, August 22, 2005

Ton o' Luv on alt.binaries.multimedia.slack

Thanks to the Gription Clench donation of a REALLY high-end computer, the Bombies and Zomboes here at Bulldada Time Control Labs have been cranking out video. Eventually we will probably attempt to make actual money off these videos, by selling DVDs of them, but in the meantime, they're free on our binaries newsgroup in very high quality DivX avi format, usually with an alternate in old-fashioned MPEG video. If you burn them to a CDR, they play and look pretty much like a DVD.

I have also been posting the teeny-tiny, jerky-movement, tiny screen-sized "Internetty" versions on alt.binaries.slack, where we keep the smaller files like single-song MP3s and nonmoving graphics.

ALSO, I have begun posting entire Susie the Floozy radio shows in MP3.

Last X-Day Drill, Susie gave Pater Nostril copies of a several dozen of her incredible shows, in MP3 on two data DVDs. He gave them to me to put on a.b.m.s., since I have a faster connection. So far I have uploaded four of these shows… I'll probably put another one or two up every couple of days for the next few months. Being hour-long shows, the MP3s are a little too big for alt.binaries.slack in the quantities I'll be uploading.

You KNOW, of course, that the Puzzling Evidence shows are also downloadable, archived in MP3, from

Susie's shows are also archived for a while on, as are the Lymph Node Institute shows.

VIDEOS on a.b.m.s.:

Not all of them, but some of these short animated music videos have been reposted in SVCD-style mpeg-2. These probably WON'T be posted again in this form, because I plan to add more spiffy effects to most of them for their next incarnation.

This is just me sitting at a table, talking to a big room full of people who are mostly NOT dues-paying SubGeniuses. Because of this I was able to get lots of words in edgewise. There are dozens of videos like this, except this had a) unusually good video and audio (a 2-camera shoot) and b) an unusually good performance by me, or else an unusually understanding audience, maybe both. The audio is available on a CD in our catalog, but this is the first whole sermon by me that I thought was good enough to go on a DVD. Main subjects of the rant, besides a brief into to the Church, are SubGenius "kooks," and the ease with which a fairly "unenlightened" individual can come to believe itself to be "enlightened." In other words, ALL BELIEF SYSTEMS are politely but very conscientiously trashed.

Although I was working from some of the same notes as the Winterstar sermon, this one is a completely different animal. I was speaking on an outdoor stage to a much larger audience, with a special video projection behind me made from the instrumental Dobbsedeliasteses music videos, with the credits and titles removed. (Thus in some ways, you're getting two videos for one.) My camera was shooting from the side (and getting excellent sound) but there was also a professional crew shooting and live-mixing two cameras. I was able to intercut between these two sources, so the end result is like 3-camera coverage.

Mayjickians, Maygggishens, and students of the occult will recognize the female authors of several of their fave witchcraft books, walking past the stage during wide shots, TOPLESS. New game: IDENTIFY THE OCCULT AUTHORS BY THEIR TEATS.


I'm editing this footage bit by bit, in discreet chunks, like a bunch of little shorts. The first one is the least explicable, least doctrinal, least identifiable as in any way inspired by "Bob" -- the Ritual Teabagging of Gov. Rocknar. For this I had footage from two cameras, operated by Wei/I and Frop/Dec. Includes Dok Frop's bizarre "facehugger" bagging.

"TEABAGGING" is only 7 minutes long. Don't ask me to explain or excuse it.

"AMERICA, FUCK YEAH" cover by Lonesome Cowboy Dave and The Mondo Retardo Band, also includes "SUBGENIUS ANTHEM". Princess Wei is actually the main singer on "America, Fuck Yeah" (from the movie Team America). This video is just one long shot, with me operating camera, zooming and panning appropriately. I had the advantage of having seen the rehearsals. The sound is a mix of the board recording by Pater Nostril and the video sound -- not too bad for low tech! 6 minutes total.

Almost all the ASK DR. HOWL audio from 8X-Day has been posted to a.b.m.s. in MP3, also to a.b.s. This is all from the hours of live "stage radio" recorded by me, Dr. Howl and Dr. Philo Drummond. If you are familiar with Dr. Howl, then I don't need to tell you anything. If you aren't familiar with Dr. Howl, especially his "Ask Dr. Howl" performances, please believe that this is some of the best, most highly faluted SubGenius material you'll ever encounter. Despite me and Philo.

Also on a.b.m.s. are several Hours of Slack and ARISE! The video, in DivX avi -- and, just today:

KEEP IT SURREAL by Lamprey Systems ( -- a collection of all the collage music videos so far by this great SubGenius Arteest. The videos aren't specifically SubGenius, but they are about as SubGenius-y as you can get. AND YOU CAN GET THEM MAILED TO YOU FOR FREE!

Yes. I was about to download this 2-DVD set when I found DVD copies from Lamprey System in the Sacred P.O. Box -- with a letter from St. Robert Carr stating that any DUES-PAYING SubGenius minister who emails him at and is gullible enough to tell him their snail mail address can have their own personal copy!

And I thought I was being generous by giving my videos away on the Internet -- he's even paying the POSTAGE, and MAILING you free copies!

Now that alt.binaries.multimedia.slack exists, poverty cannot stop you from getting SubGenius videos and audio. Only a refusal to read the instructions can prevent your downloading. The lazy and/or ignorant can always BUY these videos, needless to say.


"DivX avi" is a video format that will play on most new, cheap DVD players but not on most older, expensive ones. It will play on any computer that can play video, but it needs the latest version of the DivX codec, which involves a quick, painless, free operation at

"alt.binaries.multimedia.slack" is on Usenet. Here are some clues about Usenet binaries newsgroups:

You can learn much more by googling.

Boy, is that an understatement.

Here at SubGenius Foundation we believe in BOTH "open source" AND the evils of piggish capitalism. We see absolutely no reason why the two can't co-exist, as long as lazy or ignorant people can't download the free stuff too easily, and must buy it to see it. PRAISE "BOB" for the lazy and the ignorant, for they pay MY MORTGAGE, among other things. And, like "Bob," they seem to make more money than the rest of us.


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