Wednesday, March 15, 2006

X-Rated Satanistical Masoniac Artwork, Photos

Ah, yes, Dear Friends.

I have been promising for a year to update the Art Mines, and, by gobbs, I have just uploaded a year's worth of art, cartoons, printable PDFs, little Internetiful movies, lost 8X-Day photos, Chick take-offs, Flash blips, media barrages, comics, proon, etc.


and it contains the Dobbsly stuff from alt.binaries.slack since Sunday-year.

A year of IMBJR, LeMur, Heart Ignition, Artemia Salina, Espira, Zontar. . . it has ALL THE THATs by the forementioned, and the CONNIEs. . . little movies in cellphone-ready tiny WMV format. . . Pamphlets #1 and 2 in PDF format. . . an all-new pamphlet by Pope Coronus, and another by Rev. Priest. . . Lamprey System's TRANSMANIACON, which presents 1000 bulldada images per second, if you have a Mac; and. . .

SubGenius PORTRAITS 2004-2006 -- photos of everybody
plus hand-drawn portraits by Nu-Monet and Artemia Salina

8X-Day pics not previously posted

Although I carefully tweaked and adjusted the main Art Mines stash, the Portraits and Devivals photos stashes are assembled rather more hurriedly. Be ready for larger file sizes. The Index might sate your curiosity without your having to look at each picture full-size. Some Mysteries may await you in the Portraits area, because I've relied on the file names to identify the individuals and I (or the contributors) didn't always label the files with that much detail.

There are definitely all manner of mistakes and typos in this brand-new mass upload, so if anybody wants to tattle to me about fuckups I'll be glad to hear them.

I might also add the other recent news that we got a new SubGenius book deal. We are now assembling the tome "SUBGENIUS CYCLOPAEDIA OF SLACK Vol. 1 -- THE BOBLIOGRAPHON" for Thunder's Mouth Press, who will also be reprinting REVELATION X. The books will be out in August, but that means I have to finish the writing, art selection and layout by May 15!

So, if you notice that Hours of Slack are all RERUNS for the next 2 months, you'll know why.

BUT! At least I got 300 megs of newly old stuff onto SubSITE.

FREE for you to view, in FULL COLOR and STEREOPHONIC SOUND. So, think about contributing to our projects by BUYING SOMETHING from the Scatalog. . . because the stuff we SELL is NOT THE SAME as what we HAND OUT.

Now that we have refreshed the Art Mines, done the umpteen dozen radio talk shows and Hours of Slack about Magdalen's case, and generally caught up or gotten ahead on the various weekly and monthly SubGenius media stashes, I am planning to vanish into this book project until it is done. We will still be filling orders and accepting donations, but if nobody answers your friendly, chatty email to SubG Foundation, this-all is why. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Now scope out


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