Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Magdalen's case makes TV news

Magdalen's case makes TV news


From the story:

"Judge Punch refused our previous requests for comment on this case.
And we learned he is currently out of town. Bevilacqua will be back
in court next month, but in front of new judge. Judge Punch recused
himself last week."

-- Please note this does not mean Magdalen has won the case (yet), or
that the case has been settled or dismissed. It is being re-assigned
to another judge, who will be from a completely different country.
Magdalen is hopeful that the new judge will be one who treats the case
with less bias and more neutrality, as judges should.

This news came to us thanks to Modemac's The High Weirdness Project

Wild Hunt has been doing a good job keeping track of the ongoing

Maybe this ongoing publicity explains why we're STILL selling way too many Ordainment
Memberships a day (like 6 or 7).

Judge Punch may have gotten his Good Christian rocks off briefly by
fucking up one SubGenius family throroughly, but in so doing he also
inadvertently provided the Church of the SubGenius with priceless,
life-giving publicity.

I did like 8 talk shows in the last 2 weeks, and I have had to
constantly replenish Membership pack supplies to meet the demand for

Oddly enough there's a marked increase in orders from military bases...
I must've sent 10 APO/AE packages out last week.

Methinks Judge Punch could smell Geraldo coming.


Modemac said...

Ummm...it appears as though the guy who wrote that post made one little typo that got past his spell-checker. It says there that the new judge is from a different "country," not a different "county."

Damned spell checkers...

The CrazyHumanist said...

The judge is smart to recuse himself. He should have done it when he first looked at those pictures from the XDay event and was disgusted. Obviously, it offended his religious principles.
Well, that's fine. But he should have realized his "religious principles" have no place in a courtroom.

I hope it all works out, and that “Rev. Magdalen” is able to help her son recover from this ordeal.

Rev. Fnord said...

6 or 7 a day? how many bobbies does that make since the initial start of this publicity?

Good luck the the deadline!

Anonymous said...

Reading the transcript of the hearing really really really really really pissed me off. I'm disgusted that it's happening at all.

corporal chiron said...
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Rev. Geo said...

Hey there,
Just picked up a couple of copies of the latest Free Times; looks like the luck plane is tilting towards Jesus and Magdalene; there is justice after all:) BTW, is it still to late to give to the cause?