Wednesday, March 22, 2006

New SubGenius Book Cover

Due out in August from Thunder's Mouth. Due into Thunder's Mouth by May 15.

Photoreal Dobbshead by Nenslo

45 Dobbsheads background by Heart Ignition

Princess Wei "R." Doe came up with the spelling "Psychlopaedia" as well as half of "Bobliographon."

"The SubGenius Cyclopaedia" is predicted in the little list of Books and Films in Pamphlet #1, written in 1979.

In other news:

Updates on Magdalen's custody case


crallspace said...

I like the design. Let Bob know it's his ass.

Anonymous said...

sweet. anoher thrown togeather piece of crap.

MichaelBains said...

The cover is hauntingly intri.. impel.., umm... what was I gonna write again.. ?

Oh yeah


That is, if you don't mind a little trans dogmatica union-ification and cross talk goin' on. I figured guru Bob hasn't changed much since I followed his ways. He's always pretty laid back 'bout that sort o' thing.

Even when it's comin' from a noveau religii.

(Umm, I hope it's clear that I dig the cover.. .)

The Kraken! said...


As soon as I saw the this cover, I was transported forbackward to the Indoctrination Room where "BOB" spoke to me again from the Indoctrination Machine. I had to ask him what he'd said this time, also.

"When? Just now? I have not spoken."


"Put the fucking hat back on."

"Okay", putting on the psycho-acoustic encoder/decoder, "What was that again?"

"I am not speaking."

"When will they bring toilet paper?"

"If you fart hard enough, you don't have to wipe."

Where do I send my wallet?

Thirtyseven said...